Erie Dearie Weapon Rig

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With the Erie Dearie Weapon Rig at your command, catching finicky, light-biting walleye is as simple as shooting fish in a barrel. The weight-forward design provides a smaller, more delicate presentation, one that reminds predator fish of a helpless, hatching mayfly. Its Indiana spinner blade spins in a leisurely rotating fashion at slow speeds or like a whizzing, flashing beacon at higher speeds. Erie Dearie Weapon spinner lure comes with a 22K-gold-plated, 5/8-oz. ammo weight that helps get it down to where the big ones are lurking.

  • A great walleye getter!
  • Weight-forward design
  • Looks like a hatching mayfly
  • Flashing Indiana spinner blade
  • Spins at slow or fast speeds
  • 22K-gold-plated, 5/8-oz. weight
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