Cabela's Instinct


The snow swirls as you quietly navigate the treacherous hillside. As the first hint of morning appears in the east, your ears tune to every sound. You know your quarry is close. The moment of truth is near. Your pulse quickens, and yet you feel a familiar calm. You know: You were BORN FOR THIS.



TrueTimber VSX

VSX was designed using our micro and macro schematics technology, making this pattern just as effective from the top of the highest mountain terrains to the wide-open prairies and southern woodland thickets. The strategic, non-directional shapes and texturization use lights and darks working together to break up the human outline at close and long distances. The colors are made up of natural grays, browns, and greens found across all outdoor environments and seasons, making this pattern extremely diverse and virtually invisible to any game you're pursuing.

John Paul Morris

"The quality of Cabela's Instinct lets me focus only on the hunt. I trust my instinct."

Jim Shockey

"I've worn Cabela's Instinct hunting apparel all over the world, literally since its inception! It was the best back then and is still the best! Buy it, try it and you will understand why it has been my tried and trusted gear for all of these years."

Mark Peterson

"Cabela's Instinct products have been a part of my gear list for many years. Diverse adventures require versatility and quality performance. Take it from me, a guy who spends 200+ days in the field, Instinct has you covered."

Trust Your Instinct