Berkley Snap Jighead

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A unique concept for jigging situations. The Berkley® Snap Jig was inspired by the deadly action of the classic minnow-style ice fishing jig, known for its effectiveness at all times of the year. Fitted with a similar folded lip, this unique jig can be fished both vertically and cast-and-retrieve style. Slide your favorite soft plastic tail over the reverse-cone keeper, cast out or drop it below the boat, and open a window that's never been there before. You can fish the Berkley Snap Jig vertically with lifts, drops, rips, and jiggles to work tight to structure or fool fish suspended beneath bait schools; you can easily make the bait dart, circle in place, or slide back and forth with simple rod tip movements. Or, back away from your target and fish it horizontally with a steady retrieve that accentuates its natural side-to-side swim, with occasional snaps to trigger a reaction bite. You'll like the results, guaranteed!

  • A standard jig with the unique action of an ice jig
  • Effective any time of year
  • Folded lip for amazing action
  • Can be fished vertically or horizontally
  • Great for suspended fish
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