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After hunting with hundreds (if not thousands) of guides all over the world, our RedHead® Pro Hunting team has evaluated the finest and whittled them down to the best of the best — the RedHead Select Outfitters. These are a few of the elite guide services that we have vetted, broken bread with, camped with, and hunted with, and we know that they know their lands and the beasts that inhabit them inside and out. And if you call and book a hunt with any RedHead Select Outfitter, you'll get 5% of your total hunt cost given back to you in Bass Pro Shops® Outdoor Rewards® points. The hunt of a lifetime, plus free stuff from Bass Pro Shops. What could be better than that?

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Phone: 641.724.9150

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  • Owners: Steve and Donna Shoop
  • Specific Location: South Central / Southeast Iowa and Northeast Missouri
  • Years in Business: 23 years
  • Game specialties/types of hunts: Trophy Whitetail Deer
  • Record Kills: J & S hunters have harvested over 500 Pope and Young deer in the last 20 years. Many of the trophy bucks have reached Boone and Crockett status. This is a tradition that remains strong today.
J&S Trophy Hunts

J&S Trophy Hunts is the proven leader of trophy whitetail deer hunting in the Midwest.

Type of Hunts:
Trophy Whitetail Deer

J&S Trophy Hunts is the proven leader of trophy whitetail deer hunting in the Midwest. Strict management policies protect the natural whitetail genetics that this area was blessed with. These genetics combined with great food sources (acres of soybeans, corn, oats, wheat, turnips and more) and you've got trophy animals. Add in top notch guides, tasty food, great accommodations, plus our honest desire for the hunter to succeed, and you've got a great hunt in store.

Always having the hunting season in mind allows us to offer you great hunting opportunities.

We have 90-95% repeat business for both our Iowa and Missouri deer hunts.

Throughout the years, many well known hunting legends have enjoyed successful hunts here thanks to the help of Steve Shoop and the J&S Trophy Hunts team. Leaders in the industry such as Bob Foulkrod, Jerry Martin, Larry Weishun, Brenda Valentine, Jim Ryan, Larry Woodward, Bob Richardson, Walter Parrot, Harold Knight and David Hale, Jackie Bushman, John Anderson, Rob Keck, Jack Atchison, Jim Zumbo, the late Gary Clansey, Jeff Murray, and many more.

Many successful hunting shows and magazine articles have enjoyed successful collaborations with J&S Trophy Hunts, including Bass Pro's very first Redhead Team video, which was filmed on J & S property with the help of Steve Shoop. You can trust J&S for great Trophy Whitetail deer hunting in both Iowa and Missouri. We will do our best to get you the buck of your dreams. That's our promise!

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Checklist for the Hunt
  • Camo & At least 3 sets (suitable to the weather) Scent lock or under Armour with scent control
  • Scent lock head cover, gloves, hat, jacket, and heavier coat. Layer clothing.
  • Back pack or waist pack. Suggest Redhead Ridge Runner waist pack
  • Boots scent free or rubber
  • Range finder
  • Binoculars
  • Scent away or dead down wind spray and wipes
  • Hunters safety system vest or harness
  • Extra pull up rope for pack
  • Bow Holders
  • Bow case
  • Gun case...Hard and soft cases. One of each...Mandatory
  • Back up Release
  • Back up Bow
  • Arrows / Ammo
  • Broad Heads
  • Orange hat and vest for all gun hunts
  • Shooting Sticks for gun hunts
  • Sleeping bag (optional)
  • Cooler for meat
  • Grunt calls
  • Flash light and clip on head lamp
  • Favorite drink and snacks
"Love your place and nice to see Jeff, Rod, and Steve again this year. I look forward to booking with you again for next year."

I am not one to complain, but I have a valid complaint this year. Out of all the hundreds of acres and multiple stands on your property I get stuck right back in the same stand from last year where I took a 159" deer. And this year, a 145" deer presented himself at this stand. I really feel like Steve could put me on a bad spot for 2 or 3 days so I can enjoy more time in the deer woods. This is 2 years in a row that I leave before Monday!! Just kidding of course!! Love your place and nice to see Jeff, Rod, and Steve again this year. I look forward to booking with you again for next year.

Joe Underwood

Lake Charles, LA

"I was fortune enough to harvest a true deer of a lifetime with my 178 plus deer. I am very proud to have shared this experience with you and my father."

Steve,Donna and the staff at JS Trophy Hunts,

I am writing to you all to let you know what a wonderful experience my father and I had hunting with you all. The hunt was just a small part of our pleasant time with you all. You and your staff are first class in our opinion. We are grateful that you accommodated us and showed an amazing hunt. I was fortune enough to harvest a true deer of a lifetime with my 178 plus deer. I am very proud to have shared this experience with you and my father. What a thrill!!!!!!!!!!!! We are anxious to return and have many more adventures with you and your staff. Thank you for making us feel at home it really made the hunt not so stressful. Like I said earlier FIRST CLASS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!! In the future days to come, I will be anticipating the day I return to camp. Please save me a big one. I know there are plenty there.

Thank you for your hospitality,

Chad Master

Ralph A. Master

December 23, 2011

"My guide Tim was excellent. He put me in wonderful treestands with lots of deer. In fact, I stopped counting after 200 bucks and that was by the second day of the hunt."

Steve and Donna,

I have had the opportunity to hunt with a few outfitters in the past few years in both Missouri and Illinois. None of those can compare to the experience with J&S Trophy Hunts. You are truly world class outfitters. From the moment I made first contact with J & S Trophy Hunts, Donna was great at providing me with information needed for my trip. My guide Tim was excellent. He put me in wonderful treestands with lots of deer. In fact, I stopped counting after 200 bucks and that was by the second day of the hunt. Granted, not all of them were trophy class but a good number of them were. Your treestands are comfortable, well-kept and safe. Their placement showed great care and woodsmanship. I enjoyed the best hunting camp experience I have ever had with an outfitter. My week at your place reminded me of deer camp experiences with my father and family from years ago. I appreciate the hospitality shown by every J & S team member. I had the opportunity at a 140 class ten point, but was not able to connect. The eight point that I took home is my best buck to date. It was a hard blood trail, but thanks to the skill and determination of Steve and all of the guides, we were able to find my buck and get him out of one of the deepest holes I have ever seen in Iowa. I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone for a phenomenal experience. I hope to return in a few years with my daughter and cousin, God willing.

Thanks again,

Scott Pope

Bowling Green, OH

"At 5 yards and 275 pounds it was like shooting at a billboard! I don't think he even knew what happened, went 50 yards and fell over."

Donna & Steve,

Thank you for another GREAT hunt! This was my first time hunting Iowa, I couldn't wait to experience it for myself after hearing so much about it. I WAS a little apprehensive about hunting the tail end of the rut 11/13-11/18, but I think my guides Tim & Terry were right in thinking that the end is the best time to catch the bigger bucks alone and on the move. In 4½ days of hunting I seen well over 30 bucks, actually more bucks than doe, and a bobcat which is always cool to see.

The fourth morning of my hunt started out a little slow, but at 9:00 am I heard the brush smashing as two bucks were chasing a doe down the ridge across from me. I couldn't get them to stop when they were coming towards me on a dead run, I had to swing completely around in my stand and the doe brought them out right beside my tree. At 5 yards and 275 pounds it was like shooting at a billboard! I don't think he even knew what happened, went 50 yards and fell over. I can't help but wonder what the smaller buck thought afterwards because he was between the doe and the big buck! It wasn't 10 seconds from when I first heard them coming and he lay dead!

That evening Tim put me in a "Doe" spot, well let me tell you what. I saw a monster with a drop tine and over 20" wide, easily a 160" buck. I had so much fun watching this buck and several others chasing the does around that I just hung my bow up and enjoyed the show!

Accommodations were great, food was great, guides were great, and I met two great guys from Tennessee. I will be anxiously buying preference points until I draw again! Thanks again for everything!

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

Mark Zong


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Ducks N Bucks

From Whitetails to Waterfowl...We've Got You Covered

Type of Hunts:
Ducks and bucks

Ducks N Bucks LLC is a professional hunting guide service dedicated to providing quality hunts for the serious hunter. Experience counts, and with 15 years of hunting expertise on the same managed land, we produce results. All of our hunting opportunities are offered on a limited basis to ensure high success rates for both trophy deer and duck hunts. Hunting takes place in Northwest Oklahoma, an area quickly gaining a reputation for Boone and Crockett whitetails and large concentrations of wintering mallards. We consistently shoot limits of greenheads, taking advantage of the huge waterfowl numbers on the nearby Salt Plains Wildlife Refuge. Our lodge is located in Burlington, the friendliest town in the state of Oklahoma, allowing us to hunt monster bucks right along the Kansas border.

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Checklist for the Deer Hunt
  • Knee boots
  • Warm and cold weather clothing (Be prepared because it can get real cold.)
  • Rangefinder
  • Good optics
  • Scentlock suits if you own any
  • Rifle
  • Bullets
  • Orange, proper tags
Checklist for the Duck Hunt
  • Warm waders
  • Warm and cold weather clothing
  • Face mask or face paint
  • Gloves
  • Stocking hat
  • Gortex coat
  • Waterproof clothing (Be prepared for the elements.)
  • Shells
  • Gun
  • Proper licensing
Booking Information

Phone: 620.326.6462

Direct: 316.250.9101

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Shop Waterfowl Gear

  • Owners: Brady Walker, Ducks N Bucks LLC
  • Specific Location: Burlington, OK
  • Years in Business: 15 Years
  • Game specialties/types of hunts: Ducks and bucks
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Booking Information

Phone: 575.588.7950

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Shop Elk Gear

Shop Turkey Gear

  • Owners: Bill and Rhonda Glisson
  • Specific Location: HC 75 Box 136 Chama, NM
  • Years in Business: 8 years
  • Game specialties/types of hunts: Bull Elk (Archery and Rifle), Cow Elk (Rifle Only), Mule Deer, Merriam Turkey
  • Record Kills: 75% of hunters will harvest
The Timbers at Chama

The Timbers offers one of the best chances to harvest a trophy bull Elk.

Type of Hunts:
Bull Elk (Archery and Rifle), Cow Elk (Rifle Only), Mule Deer, Merriam Turkey

The Timbers is in New Mexico Unit 4, which is is world-renowned for trophy elk hunting. The healthy herd, combined with expert guides, provides an excellent success rate for the hunter. In addition to elk, consider hunting opportunities for mule deer and Merriam turkey from The Timbers at Chama.

Originally built as a private Rocky Mountain retreat, The Timbers at Chama has been transformed into one of New Mexico's most sought-after destinations for large game hunting. The ranch, with expansive, photogenic views of the Brazos mountain range, spreads over more than 400 privately owned acres with leased hunting access to more than 10,000 additional acres on neighboring and nearby properties.

While elk hunting is the main attraction of the Timbers at Chama, the setting alone is worth the visit. The Timbers offers wide-open spaces, clean mountain air and private, secure surroundings. The ranch originally was built as an executive retreat and will accommodate up to 32 guests in rustic elegance -- "Timbers style." The fine Southwestern craftsmanship of this architectural masterpiece makes the lodge one of a select few of its kind in northern New Mexico. The work of native artists and artisans is evident from the hand-carved doors adorned with majestic bull elk to the massive stone fireplace, hand-turned balusters, spectacular paintings and creative accent pieces.

As a fully licensed restaurant facility, the Timbers at Chama will provide a variety of meals designed by our chefs to suit your taste and craving preferences. The menu features the freshest ingredients available for native New Mexican fare and other Rocky Mountain specialties. Guest conveniences include secure, high-speed Internet access throughout the property. Three lodging facilities can be configured for overnight accommodations for small or large parties.

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Checklist for the Hunt

In elk country the primary guide to clothing is to dress in layers. You may also want to avoid wearing newly purchased footwear that has not been broken in.

Camouflage scent-proof clothing is optimal and strongly recommended.

You should expect cool mornings and comfortable afternoons, unless of course a cold front moves in.

  • Set of light weight camouflage attire
  • Set of middle weight camouflage attire
  • Pair of long underwear
  • Pair comfortable boots
  • Pair of camp shoes
  • Scent elimination product
  • Rain gear
  • Wool socks
  • Cotton socks
  • Gloves
  • Cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Binoculars
  • Flash light
  • Light day pack
  • Chap stick
  • Personal hygiene — R/X
  • Camera
"Y'all are great hosts and I consider you friends and feel like I have known you all my life."

Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful lodge with us in Chama and the great hospitality and fellowship. Y'all are great hosts and I consider you friends and feel like I have know you all my life. Your attention to the needs of your hunters and guests is exceptional.

I am already looking forward to my return in 2014 and will remember this week the rest of my life. Thank you for extending your hospitality to my wife who joined me on his trip. She had a great time as well and I hope she comes back wih me next time.



"Great facility, wonderful food, outstanding staff..."

Great facility, wonderful food, outstanding staff, commitment meant to succeed!



"Having our own 'personal chef' put the entire experience over the top."

Wow! The elk hunting experience and dedication of your team far exceeded my expectations. Having our own "personal chef" put the entire experience over the top. The guides were on top of their game and enjoyable to be around. They were professional and courteous at all times.

Thank you Team Glisson for a hunting experience I will never forget.



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Blue River Whitetails

Our goal at Blue River Whitetails is to give you an opportunity to take home a Kansas trophy whitetail or turkey at a fair price. We have Kansas hunting at it's best.

Type of Hunts:
Whitetail Deer and Turkey (Rio and Eastern)

David Schotte is the owner and licensed guide of Blue River Whitetails. Living in the Hanover, KS area all of his life has given him an intimate knowledge of the land. Over his 36 years of Kansas deer hunting, David has had the opportunity to take several trophy deer, while helping many friends do the same. Now, his experience in archery and rifle hunting can put you on the trail of the trophy whitetail of your dreams. David has also guided turkey hunters over the past 12 years, posting a nearly 100% success rate. Many of these hunts finished with trophy book status toms.

Learn More

It's time to start thinking about your upcoming hunt. Prior to your arrival in Kansas, you will need to send in your turkey permit application. A turkey permit is $32.15 and an additional permit can be purchased for $22.15. The application is available for download, and can be purchased online, at the KDWP website. A Kansas hunting license is $72.15 and can be purchased via the KDWP website as well. Permits and license can be purchased over the counter, but permits are not valid until the next calendar day. Hunter education is required if you were born after July 1, 1957. You must carry your card with you. While hunting in Kansas, you must have a hunting license plus your permit. The hunting license is good for the calendar year, and entitles you to hunt small game and game birds also.

Checklist for the
Kansas Turkey Hunt
  • Camo Clothes — The weather in Kansas during turkey season can vary from cold and light snow to warm and humid so bring your cold weather and warm weather gear.
  • Camo gloves
  • Camo face mask
  • Camo rainwear
  • Waterproof boots
  • Calls
  • Gun or bow
  • Shells or arrows
  • Stadium seat style turkey vest (I bought my Bucklick vest from Bass Pro)
  • Full choke or extra full choke
  • 3" or 3½" shells (Remington makes a shell called Hevi Shot or Winchester extended range, I like #4 or #5 shot)
  • Shoot and pattern your gun before you come so you know where your pattern hits.
Checklist for the Kansas Deer Hunt
  • Camo Clothes — The weather in Kansas during deer season can vary from warm 60's and 70's to cold and snow and single digit temperatures.
  • Camo hat (archery hunt)
  • Full Body Safety Harness (You will not be allowed to hunt without one.)
  • Hunter orange hat (rifle/muzzleloader)
  • Hunter orange jacket or vest (rifle/muzzleloader)
  • Rainwear
  • Waterproof boots (hiking and cold weather)
  • Grunt call
  • Rattling antlers
  • Gun or bow
  • Shells or arrows
  • Scent control
  • Daypack
  • Screw-in bow holder
  • Optional Equipment:
    • Binoculars
    • Range finder
    • Tree stands
    • Decoy
Booking Information

Home: 785.337.2530

Cell: 785.747.6590

Book now with promo code BPSHUNT13

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Shop Turkey Gear

  • Owners: David Schotte
  • Specific Location: 416 N Denver Ave, Hanover, KS 66945, Northeast Kansas in Washington County – Unit 8
  • Years in Business: 12 years
  • Game specialties/types of hunts: Whitetail Deer and Turkey (Rio and Eastern)
  • Record Kills: Our top whitetail trophy scored 212"
"For me to even think of trying to hunt whitetails with anyone else would be a huge mistake. I know my day is coming, when I come home empty handed, but that is hunting. At least I know when I'm hunting with you; my chances are as great as anywhere."

Dave, Lisa & Preston,

Once again I am totally overwhelmed by my great success in Kansas at Blue River Whitetails. For the last decade, I've been pursuing big mature whitetails in western, Midwestern USA & Canada. Never had I more success than with you folks. I'm taken back, 3 years, 3 bucks, 510" of horn. Where could a person go and have more success than that.

For me to even think of trying to hunt whitetails with anyone else would be a huge mistake. I know my day is coming, when I come home empty handed, but that is hunting. At least I know when I'm hunting with you; my chances are as great as anywhere. Bottom line is "You're Stuck with Me." Hope that's OK with you.

Once again, thanks to my adopted family in Kansas. You really made us feel at home, when we're with you. Lisa has been the perfect hostess every year we come out to Kansas. It's something I now wait all year for.

As you can see from the family picture, God has blessed me with more than a man could ever ask for. Please give the girls a big hug and a kiss from me.

Thanks again for all you generosity,

Joe Scrips

"As I get older, I have found that it is not always the size of the trophy, but the memories made that are what is most important. I'm sure you will agree that this past season was very memorable and unique."

Dear David and Lisa,

Well another archery season at Blue River Whitetails is in the books. Hard to believe it's over already. Although maybe not a successful as you may have liked, and often frustrating I'm sure, I guess we save the best for last again. Dave said he figured that between Tony and I, we took about 300" of antler in about an hour and fifteen minutes of hunting. That is truly amazing and a credit to you for doing all the hard work setting up the stands and knowing your hunting properties. I, for one, am very pleased with my buck once again. He is the third largest whitetail I've ever taken, and will make a fine European mount. As I get older, I have found that it is not always the size of the trophy, but the memories made that are what is most important. I'm sure you will agree that this past season was very memorable and unique.

On behalf of myself and all my friends that hunt with, goes a very sincere and heartfelt "Thanks" to the both of you and your family for your friendship, hospitality and for allowing us to pursue our whitetail hunting dreams. I'm sure in the years to come, there will be many more memories made and dreams fulfilled.

On another note, if you have any openings in the years to come and need to fill them, please don't hesitate to let me know as I could probably be able to help you fill them with some good people. I have also enclosed some upgrades to the tree stand amenities, I'm sure you will put them to good use.

Thanks again. I know Joe and I are already looking forward to next year and I'm sure it will be here before we know it.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Steve Hetrick

"I could have not have scripted these turkey hunts better, and it is a memory that will remain with us forever."

Dear David and Lisa,

I am not sure where to start with this thank you note. Every year I want to believe that it is one of the best hunting experiences that I have ever had, but then it just gets better. This year has been no exception. It's been my dad and myself, my brother-in-law and myself, and now my sons and myself. I am not sure who will be next, but this was indeed an absolute highlight. I could have not have scripted these turkey hunts better, and it is a memory that will remain with us forever. I still reminisce about it with the boys. It was four totally different hunts, each with an exciting end. Lisa, it was very kind of you to have us over for dinner, especially due to the amount of food my children consume! Thank you so much for your hospitality and friendship. I am indeed pleased to have met you and hope to see you again next year. Looking forward to seeing the photos. I hope the rest of your season has gone well.

Kind regards,


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Shop Upland Gear

Shop Turkey Gear

  • Owner: Harris W. Hudson
  • Specific Location: 12399 NE 224th Street, Okeechobee, Fl 34972
  • Years in Business: 12 years
  • Game specialties/types of hunts: Bob White quail, pheasants, Osceola turkey
Quail Creek Plantation

Welcome to Quail Creek Plantation

Type of Hunts:
Bob White quail, pheasants, Osceola turkey

A memorable experience awaits you at Quail Creek Plantation. Our overall focus is to provide a truly memorable sporting experience in an atmosphere of fine Southern hospitality. Quail Creek Plantation provides the shotgunning enthusiast with two fully automated sporting clays courses of various levels of challenge, a comfortable and lighted five-stand facility, wobble trap, and FITASC.

Quail Creek Plantation is open year round for sporting clays, lodging and meals. Hard flying quail and pheasant hunting is available October 1st thru mid-March. We offer half-day and full-day, fully guided quail hunts. Our spring Osceola turkey hunts run for six weeks beginning the third Saturday in March.

The traveling sportsman can bring as much or as little as needed for his shooting experience at Quail Creek Plantation. The well appointed retail pro shop at Quail Creek can provide gun rental, ammunition sales, as well as shooting apparel and all other necessities to provide a safe and memorable experience. Gourmet southern-style meals and fine accommodations are available in our well appointed rustic lodge.

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Hampton & Hampton Guide Service

There are only so many "Trophy Gators", so call us today to reserve yours!

Type of Hunts:
American Alligators

During our 23 years in business, we have conducted more guided gator hunts than any other guide service in the State of Florida. We have had the pleasure of taking more than 1,000 clients on an unforgettable gator hunt. Each year we see more and more repeat clients, due to their previous successful hunting adventure and our attention to the small details. We are endorsed by more professional hunters than any other alligator guide in Florida, with most of them hunting with us on several occasions. We have been featured on more than 25 shows on TNN OUTDOORS, as well as ESPN 2, and the OUTDOOR CHANNEL. Additionally, we have been featured in many books and magazines, including one written by esteemed hunter Jim Shockey. His article outlined our hunt for a giant, 12' long gator, a muzzleloader trophy that ended up being ranked #1 in S.C.I.'s record book.

Safety is important to us. Each guide has a cell phone and a well-stocked first aid kit. They carry a surplus of equipment, and we always have a "what if" plan in place. Our guides are not only experienced; they work as alligator hunting guides fulltime, unlike many others in the industry who only hunt on the weekends. In fact, our guides are experienced and proficient enough to conduct groups of more than a dozen hunters at a time. Our guides will do everything within their abilities to make certain that you have a safe and memorable adventure. Our guides will provide you with as many opportunities as possible to harvest one of Florida's ageless dinosaurs.

For three consecutive years, we were the sole driving force working with the Record Book Committee of Safari Club International. We meet with them annually on our expense in order to provide the information they need about the American Alligator. Our diligence paid off in January 1998, when S.C.I. made the decision to place alligators over 9' in length into the record books.

We have maintained an outstanding working relationship with S.C.I. for the past 17 years. In fact, we have donated countless hunts to the National Convention and the local chapters throughout our time with them, with our contributions topping $90,000. With your support, we hope to be able to continue our donations to a wonderful organization.

In 2005, we were honored to be chosen to assist the Florida Game Commission in a promotional alligator hunt designed to target hunters through television programs and magazine articles.

In addition, we have worked closely with the Commission to create alligator programs that educate national and international hunters about the American Alligator. Also, we happily serve as the only business that provides a safety class for Law Enforcement Divers dealing with Alligators, and we have provided training seminars to Officers on the laws and regulations governing Alligator hunting programs.

In 2008, and again in 2010, we worked with the "Foundation for Hope" organization to help a group of physically challenged hunters chase some gators. This foundation provides funding for physically challenged hunters to participate in hunts around the country. We were able to take some young hunters on an exciting hunting adventure. We have participated in charitable efforts like this since 2001, when we donated a hunt to the "Hunts of a Life Time" program. Each session has been a very rewarding experience for our business, and we take pride in the fact we are the only alligator hunting guides that these reputable organizations entrust their young hunters to.

Please help them to continue their great work any way you can. Ask your local hunting club chapter to send a small donation each year to their annual fundraisers. If you know of any young hunters that may be eligible to take part in one of the foundations variety of hunts, please call them today 517-372-8300.

Learn More

Checklist for the Hunt

All items need to be very dark without any logos or writing on them.

  • Long sleeve T-shirt
  • Jeans
  • Ball cap
  • Any type of shoe or boot that has a rubber sole
  • Leather gloves
  • Rain suit
Public Hunts

From August 15th through October 31st, we will issue several thousand tags on a first come, first serve basis, or through a lottery system. Most years, these tags sell out in three to four hours. Nonresident trapper fees, which include your agent's fees will cost $1,000. These are the most economical package deals in the industry

Please keep in mind that these hunts can only be done at night from airboats, with harpoons, bows, or crossbows being the weapon of choice. Most people would agree this is, by far, the most exciting and challenging method of hunting for alligators in Florida. The hunt lasts all night, for one night, although it could require a second night if inclement weather stands in our way.

On average, we harvest gators well over 11' long on one of the state's premium trophy lakes. However, our hunters also had several clear shots at gators that were over 13 feet long. In 2010, a local hunter set a state record after bagging a 14-foot and 3 and half-inch giant gator on these lakes.

Hunt Prices
  • One hunter, one average size gator $1,850
  • One hunter, two average size gators $2,500
  • One hunter, two gators, one Trophy $3,750+
  • Two hunters split any hunt add $1,000
  • +Trophy fees:

If you have your own tags please call for prices.

The only additional expenses are for the processing of your alligator. These fees are for processing your hide and meat, $25.00 per foot, plus $100.00 if it is trophy skinned for a taxidermist. If you would like the meat I will ship it to you, or trade out an equal amount with what I have on hand.

Trophy Fees
  • $500 from 9' to 10'
  • $1,000 up to 11'
  • $1,500 up to 12'
  • $2,000 up to 13'
  • $2,500 over 13'
Booking Information

Phone: 321.242.1012

Book now with promo code BPSHUNT13

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  • Owner: Donald Hampton
  • Specific Location: Melbourne Fl., East Coast
  • Years in Business: 23 Years
  • Game specialties/types of hunts: American Alligators
Our Hunt Packages

Our alligator hunting packages include, pick up and drop off at the Melbourne airport, lodging, all licenses and state fees. The alligator is yours, the head, hide, meat, and all the attitude that goes with it! We will make your reservations for two nights at a local hotel and supply the boats, all the equipment you need, and an experienced guide. There are no additional fees for the time and expense of delivering and retrieving your gator to/from the processor. We will also deliver your items to the local shippers or our local taxidermist, or tannery.

Sport Hunts

These hunts are done on private property all year. The gators are approximately 7' - 7 ½' in length. These are either day hunts with rifles, or night hunts from airboats with bows or harpoons. These are one day hunts, but can require a second day due to weather. If the hunt requires a second night due to weather, there is no additional charge. I have the tags for these hunts; this is not a draw type hunt.

The fee for a sport hunt is $1,850.

Trophy Hunts

Trophy hunts are done all year. These are three days or two nights. Alligators can be taken with rifles (day hunts) bows or harpoons (night hunts). We supply all needed equipment. Some hunts are done from the shoreline and some are done out of airboats. (All night hunts are done from airboats). There is no drawing for these tags; I will have tags in hand.

Before we embark on our guided alligator hunt, we do extensive scouting beforehand from airboats, trucks, four wheelers and even swamp buggies. Please do not worry if we are unable to bag the first gator, as we always have others scouted out. Also, while scouting, we search for the largest possible gators for our clients, not the smaller nine footers.

Each of our hunts are performed on private lakes and canals. These gators were not previously trapped and released before it was time to hunt. Rather, they are 100% free range, tail slapping, mouth snapping, boat biting gators with an all-around bad attitude. (They have a worse attitude than your mother-in-law did the night she showed up at your bachelor party).

The fee for a Trophy hunt is $4,500.

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Cell: 907.209.2109

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  • Owner: Hans Baertle, Registered Guide #549
  • Specific Location: Douglas, AK
  • Years in Business: 23 years
  • Game specialties/types of hunts: Brown Bear, Black Bear and Mountain Goats
Equipment List for
Goat Hunters
  • 1 Hunting pants (fleece, wool, polarguard)
  • 1 set of waterproof white camouflage (jacket, pant or bib)
  • 1 set of lightweight rain gear
  • 1 pair of mountain boots & waterproof, insulated and well broken in
  • 1 pair of gaitors
  • 1 pair comfortable camp shoes
  • 2 long sleeved shirts (wool, polarguard)
  • 1 hooded polarguard sweatshirt
  • 1 warm sweater
  • 1 heavy hooded hunting jacket, parka
  • 2 sets heavy weight thermal underwear (tops and bottom)
  • 1 set medium weight thermal under wear
  • 3 pair heavy wool boot socks
  • White stocking hat
  • Insulated white gloves or wool gloves, mittens
  • Medium sized pack with internal frame to carry personal items and pack meat (Pack with built-in rifle carrying boot works well)
  • 1 headlamp
  • 1 water bottle, quart size
  • Binoculars
  • Long range rifle, recommend .300 Win. Mag or similar caliber
  • 2 boxes of ammo
  • For emergencys 1 thermal space blanket and small first aid kit
  • Lighter or waterproof matches
  • Personal items such as
    • Toiletries
    • Pain reliever
    • Motion sickness
    • Extra glasses/contact lenses
    • Reading materials (nights are long) etc

Layer your clothing, as this hunt will take place in temperatures between 10 and 50 degrees

Southeast Alaska Guiding

The Ultimate Experience

Type of Hunts:
Brown Bear, Black Bear and Mountain Goats

My name is Hans Baertle, owner and operator of Southeast Alaska Guiding LLC. I started guiding in Southeast Alaska in 1978 as an assistant guide for Bill Peterson out of Sitka, AK. In 1984, I became a registered guide and started my own outfit, Southeast Alaska Guiding, in 1988 out of Juneau, AK. I specialize in hunts for Brown Bear, Black Bear and Mountain Goats. All bear and goat hunts are boat-based hunts using a 50' boat as transportation to base camps throughout the coastal wilderness of Southeast Alaska. The boat is spacious, has large comfortable bunks, hot shower, electricity, and good home cooked meals. I generally only take two hunters on a boat-based hunt, unless otherwise specified by the hunter (ex: family groups). Some hunts are one hunter only. Each hunter is provided his own guide and 18' skiffs with 40 hp outboards.

I have guided now for more than 35 years and been in business for 25 years, all in game management units 1 through 4 in southeastern Alaska. We have taken many large trophies over the years and the Unit 4 Admiralty Island ground where I conduct my Brown Bear Hunts sports the highest brown bear density in the world. Many of our Mountain Goats have made the B&C book. My wife works along with me and takes care of our well being from the galley, as well as joining us in the field to film most of the hunts.

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Equipment List for Bear Hunters
  • 1 Grundens or Helly Hansen rain jacket for outer layer in heavy weather
  • 1 Cortex bib or waist high waders — waist high neoprene waders for fall hunts
  • 1 Pair wading boots with airbob or lug soles for above waders
  • I Cortex hunting jacket or parka with hood
  • 1 Fleece Jacket or hooded fleece sweatshirt
  • Stocking hat or bill cap
  • Gloves
  • 2 Long sleeved shirts (polar guard or wool)
  • 1 Hunting pant, medium wool or polarguard
  • 3 Sets of thermal underwear (top and bottom)
  • 3 Pair of heavy wool boot socks
  • 1 Pair of comfortable camp shoes
  • Bright headlamp with spare batteries
  • Day pack
  • Waterproof bag for camera and other items
  • Water bottle
  • Thermal space blanket and small first aid kit
  • Binoculars 7- or 8x42
  • Large caliber rifle such as .375H&H, .338 Mag.
  • Scope with 42 mm objective and illuminated recticle recommended
  • 2 boxes of ammo
  • Personal items such as
    • Pain reliever
    • Sunscreen and sunglasses (spring hunts only)
    • Motion sickness needs
    • Reading material
    • Extra glasses/contact lenses etc

Layer your clothes, as hunts will take place in temperatures between freezing and 70 degrees.

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Timberland Outfitters

Timberland Outfitters is a 100% fair chase operation that currently provide full service hunts in Illinois and Florida.

Type of Hunts:
Whitetail Deer, Eastern Turkey, Osceola Turkey, Alligator, Hog & Predator

Timberland Outfitters Inc. was started in 2002. Owned and operated by Ben and Lynn Plattner, Timberland Outfitters is a 100% fair chase operation that currently provide full service hunts in Illinois and Florida.

In Illinois, we are located in West Central Illinois, the heart of Trophy Whitetail Country. There is no doubt that Illinois is one of the finest places in world to hunt Trophy Whitetails. Using knowledge and skills of actual in-the-field hunting techniques, our guides consistently and successfully place our hunters in productive locations. Our dedication, professionalism, and enthusiasm are critical essentials to the success achieved at Timberland Outfitters. Year in year out we have provided our clients with an average of 80% opportunity on 140" P&Y and larger bucks. All of our hunts are conducted on a series of private leases that consist of hardwood timber interspersed with corn, soybeans, alfalfa, CRP, and pasture on which we have exclusive hunting rights.

In Florida, we are located in South Florida, world known for Osceola Turkeys and Alligators. Our goal is to provide you the opportunity to harvest one of the most sought after turkey species, the Osceola Turkey. We have been very successful with an average of over 90% opportunity for our clients. Our Alligator hunts are conducted year around with several alligators between 10 and 12 feet, weighing 350 to 600 lbs. We have provided our clients with a 100% opportunity rate on our alligator hunts.

Timberland Outfitters hunting services are fully guided for Whitetail Deer, Eastern Turkey & Predator hunts in Illinois & Guided Osceola Turkey, Alligator, and Hog hunts in Florida. All hunts include exclusive use to private leases, in camp transportation, all day communication with guide, pre-scouted hunting locations, extraction of harvested animal, comfortable lodging, & meals.

A glance at our business can be viewed at www.timberlandoutfittersinc.com.

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Checklist for the Hunt
  • Illinois Or Florida Permit, License, & Habitat Stamp
  • Remaining Balance For Hunt
  • Firearm Hunters-Blaze Orange Vest & Hat (If Required)
  • Firearm Cleaning Kit
  • Soft Case For Firearm
  • Extra Ammunition
  • Coolers For Meat.
  • Deer Hunters-Grunt Tube & Rattle Bag
  • Deer Decoy (Optional)
  • Deer Hunters-Climbing Stand (Optional)
  • Deer Hunters-Safety Harness (Required)
  • Deer Hunters-Pull Up Rope For Bow Or Firearm.
  • Flashlight, Knife, Latex Gloves
  • Scent Free Clothing &/Or Spray
  • Florida-Sunscreen & Insect Repellent
  • Knife & Sharpener
  • Gps
  • Rangefinder
  • Binoculars & Camera
  • Two Pair Of Boots For Warm Or Cold Weather.
  • Clothing For Warm & Cold Weather.
  • Sleeping Bag For Added Warmth (Optional)
  • Personal Toiletries
Booking Information

Office/fax: 217.546.7060

Mobile office: 217.691.2565

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  • Owners: Ben and Lynn Plattner
  • Specific Location: Illinois-Cass, Fulton, Menard, & Morgan Counties Florida-Southern Zone
  • Years in Business: Since 2002 (11 Years)
  • Game specialties/types of hunts: Whitetail Deer, Eastern Turkey, Osceola Turkey, Alligator, Hog & Predator
  • Record Kills: Whitetail Bucks-Four (4) over 200 inches; Alligator-Three (3) over 12 feet
"The knowledge and experience to put me on big bucks year after year is what makes Ben Plattner and Timberland Outfitters second to none!"

I have been an avid hunter for over forty years, and have used outfitters for both whitetail and exotic hunts in many locations. The knowledge and experience to put me on big bucks year after year is what makes Ben Plattner and Timberland Outfitters second to none! I've hunted with Ben for the last four seasons and going back this year.

Eddie Villeret


"...this is my go to outfitter for giant whitetails..."

I have hunted numerous whitetail deer locations in the midwest and have been back to Timberland Outfitters for the past 8 years. From the service, the quality of bucks, the knowledge of the staff, and the hunt, this is my go to outfitter for giant whitetails.

Robert Egan

New Jersey

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Booking Information

Phone: 361.484.2398

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  • Owners: Mellon Creek Outfitters LLC
  • Specific Location: South Texas
  • Years in Business: 10 years
  • Game specialties/types of hunts: Whitetail, Black buck, Hogs, Bobcats, Coyotes, Duck, Dove & Spring Turkey (Rio)
Mellon Creek Outfitters

Your Premier Hunting Destination

Type of Hunts:
Whitetail, Black buck, Hogs, Bobcats, Coyotes, Duck, Dove & Spring Turkey (Rio)

Mellon Creek Outfitters proudly offers one of the finest free range hunts in Texas. With its spacious lodge and professional staff, Mellon Creek Outfitters will make your dream hunt a reality. Our 110,000 acre ranch offers a variety of monster-sized bucks to Morning Dove and everything in between. With zero hunting pressure, abundant food sources, and beneficial native habitat, Mellon Creek Outfitters is sure to provide the hunt and experience of a lifetime. Mellon Creek Outfitters is simply the best hunting in Texas.

Mellon Creek Outfitters uses only the most professional guides and all are professionally trained and licensed with a life time of experience. Our staff and clientele of professional hunters have traveled around the world hunting in the most exotic locations but continue to return to Mellon Creek for what they say is their passion! Whether it is by 4x4 vehicles, spot & stalk, Rattling, or blind hunting, our professional staff will work hard to cater to your favorite hunting method and put you on the Big One. With over 100,000 acres of prime South Texas country, it is not uncommon to see over 100 bucks per day! You have to see it to believe it. This is truly an experience that will, no doubt, last a lifetime. Nestled in the midst of unspoiled South Texas country and overlooking a freshwater pond, Mellon Creek Lodge offers all the amenities and comforts of home. Our Grand Dining Room offers the perfect setting to enjoy 3 home cooked meals and snacks prepared and served from our gourmet kitchen each and every day during your visit. We offer a spacious living area to unwind and enjoy some good conversation or catch the big game on our large flat screen TV equipped with Satellite. Our exclusive guest rooms offer comfortable beds & bath rooms provide a great nights rest to get ready for the next morning's hunt.

Mellon Creek Lodge and its owners have spared no expense to provide you with not only the best of hunts but the most comfortable & relaxing lodge for your enjoyment. If you love hunting, we welcome you to experience a trip of a lifetime. We look forward to seeing you!

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Elk Checklist
  • Bring your own gun(s) and shells
  • Binoculars
  • Hunting clothes — it doesn't get very cold so a light jacket would be fine
  • No need to bring "orange" as it's not required on the outfit

Mellon Creek Outfitters will contact the customer a week in advance and go through everything!