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At Bass Pro Shops Wildlife Creations Champion Taxidermy Studio, our professional artists produce saltwater fiberglass replicas in meticulous detail and vibrant color so stunningly real, you’ll swear it’s the same fish. Just send us a photo with a few details, and we’ll do the rest.

Our skilled craftsmen produce traditional skin mounts by painting each one by hand—every one is a unique piece of art!

Over 2,000 sizes and species available, including Redfish, Barracuda, Tarpon, Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish, Bonefish, Snook, Dorado, Shark, and Marlin.

"Fiberglass reproductions are the best choice for conservation, and Wildlife Creations is the best choice for high-quality lifelike mounts." - Stu Apte

Since 1987, Wildlife Creations has offered fiberglass fish mounts in an effort to preserve our fishing heritage. After more than two decades of research and design work, we are pleased to present the Wildlife Creations Offshore Series, a line of affordable and extremely realistic saltwater fish reproductions.

Offshore replicas give sportsmen the opportunity to preserve the memory of their catch for a lifetime - without the need to kill a trophy fish. Catch-and-release fishing helps to conserve our valuable resources and ensures great fishing for years to come.

Celebrate your proud achievement with a lifelike Offshore Series fiberglass mount and release your trophy to fight another day!

Catch-and-release - get hooked on it!