Zeiss Premium Binocular And Camera Harness

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The comfortable Zeiss® Premium Binocular And Camera Harness ensures that your binoculars are always exactly where you need them: around your neck and on your chest. Its special features include easy, practical fixation of the binoculars and outstanding wearing comfort. Compared to simple carrying straps, the new strap from Zeiss allows you to carry your binoculars in total comfort. This binocular harness is made of high-quality materials and feels pleasant on your skin. The high-quality workmanship prevents neck strain and distributes the weight of the binoculars over your upper body. The binoculars remain steady and do not swing in various directions when you are moving about. The strap length can be adjusted to meet the need of a wide range of applications. The binoculars are connected by feeding a strap through the brace eyelet. This type of connection is particularly quiet and prevents damage to the binoculars. Quick-release fasteners allow you to attach and detach the carrying strap extremely fast. For added convenience: the ends remaining on the binoculars can be connected to form a strap, allowing you to hold the binoculars more securely when you are not carrying them around your neck.

  • Prevents neck strain and evenly distributes weight
  • Easy, practical fixation of binoculars
  • Outstanding wearing comfort
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Adjustable strap length
  • Quick-release fasteners
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