Yakima Fast Limit Kokanee Dodger


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Catch more fish when trolling for trout or kokanee. The Yakima® Fast Limit™ Kokanee Dodger is targeted specifically to these fish, and when rigged ahead of your favorite lure, squid, or bait strip, has the ability to help turn a tough bite into a full ticket. Its solid brass construction offers superb balance and toughness, producing continuous flash and vibration to attract these predators and imparting irresistible action to your trailing bait as it sweeps through the strike zone. Best action occurs with a short leader (recommended length: 8-12" for kokanee, 15-20" for trout) and trolling speeds between 1 and 2 mph. Equipped with super-strong welded rings, quality swivels, and a handy snap for quick leader changes.

  • Catch more fish when trolling
  • Targeted specifically to trout and kokanee
  • Produces continuous flash and vibration
  • Imparts irresistible action to your trailing bait
  • Made of solid brass for superb balance and toughness
  • Fitted with super-strong welded rings and quality swivels
  • Handy snap for quick leader changes
  • Best with a short leader and modest trolling speed
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