Yak-Power Power Plug

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Yak-Power Power Plug

Only the Yak-Power® Power Plug lets you easily connect most 12V accessories to your Yak-Power system to supercharge your kayak or canoe. Quickly hook up your fishfinder, livewell pump, navigation light, or other 12V accessory that needs power while you're out on the water, the Power Plug is all you need to power them up. Simply connect your accessory's Positive (+) wire to the red wire on the Yak-Power Power Plug, and your accessory's Ground (-) to the black wire, and you're powered up. This Yak-Power plug even comes with the butt connectors and heat-shrink tubing for a secure, weather-resistant connection.
Manufacturer model #: YP-SAE4.

  • Lets you easily connect 12V accessories to your kayak or canoe's Yak-Power setup
  • Perfect for your fishfinder, depth finder, livewell pump, navigation light, and more
  • Quick, simple connection
  • Weather-resistant construction
  • Battery Terminal pig tails (YP-BTP12 or YP-BTP96)
  • Includes SAE plug with 4" pigtail wire, 2 butt connectors, and 2 pcs. heat-shrink tubing

Works with several Yak-Power products:

  • Power Ports (YP-PMC48S, YP-PMC96S, or YP-PMC144S)
  • Power Panel switching system (YP-RP5R)
  • Power Pack battery box (YP-BBK)
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