XPS 2x2 Two Person Towable

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Enjoy two completely different styles of riding over the water from one towable with the XPS® 2x2 Two Person Towable. Built for one or two riders, this towable features a inflatable backrest and air cushioned side walls to keep the riders on board around every whip and turn. Inflatable backrest helps keep riders on when the ride gets wild. Sporting two tow points, the 2x2 allows riders to enjoy two completely different riding experiences, forward for seated riding against the inflatable backrest or backwards like a chariot for riding on your knees. Towable features eight padded handles, four of which feature knuckle guards, for a sure and comfortable grip. Large neoprene pad provides cushioning for either style of riding. The 2x2's durable PVC bladder is completely enclosed by a tough nylon cover for added durability. Towable features a two-way Boston valve for quick inflation or deflation. Built-in EZ Connect towing harness provides easy rope hook-up with better pull and control during the ride. 66'' long x 60'' wide deflated. Color: Yellow/Black. Imported.

  • Unique towable offers multiple riding styles for up to two riders
  • Two tow points - ride forward like a typical tube or backwards like a chariot
  • Ride sitting or kneeling
  • Four padded handles with knuckle guards, eight padded handles total
  • Neoprene pad for comfort
  • Heavy duty PVC bladder fully covered with nylon cover
  • Built-in EZ Connect towing harness
  • Boston valve for quick inflation/deflation
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