WoodHaven Custom Calls Carbon Crystal Friction Turkey Call

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Enjoy clear, consistent, and beautiful true turkey sound this season with WoodHaven Custom Calls™ Carbon Crystal Friction Turkey Call. This unique pot call from WoodHaven Custom Calls starts with proven VISION cup construction for a better feel and sound. Inside this special American Walnut cup, WoodHaven glues and screws and acoustic grade carbon disk to the sound posts to stabilize and tune the call like no other, no matter what temperature it is. On top of this unique design, the pure crystal calling surface delivers far-reaching, high frequency calls to grab gobblers' attention and not let go. This deadly effective pot call comes with 3 strikers (laminated flair tip, hardwood, and cut and cackle) for great calling versatility with just 1 call and a conditioning stone to keep it in top operating condition. Made in USA.

  • True turkey sound from a unique pot call design
  • Proven VISION cup made of American Walnut
  • Acoustic grade carbon disk – stabilizes and tunes the call in any temperature
  • Pure crystal calling surface – far-reaching, high frequency calls
  • Comes with 3 strikers for great calling versatility
  • Conditioning stone
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