Winchester Super-X Subsonic HP Rimfire Ammo

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Winchester Super-X Subsonic HP Rimfire Ammo

Winchester® Super-X® Subsonic HP Rimfire Ammo is an ideal choice for small game hunting or pest control in areas where loud muzzle blasts attract unwanted attention, as well as for use with firearms equipped with suppressors. The 40-grain, truncated cone, hollow point lead bullet is designed specifically to expand reliably at subsonic velocities. Winchester Super-X rimfire ammunition is manufactured to exceedingly high standards with reliable priming, and uniform powder charges and bullet dimensions to yield consistent accuracy from one box to the next. Clean-burning powder and priming contribute to maintaining firearm actions clean for reliable function. The minimum muzzle blast from Super-X Subsonic HP Rimfire Ammo makes it a great training round for new shooters and great for hunting.

  • Subsonic velocity for minimal muzzle blast
  • Compatible with suppressor equipped firearms
  • Manufactured to exceedingly high standards
  • 40-grain HP expanding lead bullet
  • Clean-burning powder
  • Reliable priming
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