Winchester Super-X Rimfire Ammo

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Winchester Super-X Rimfire Ammo

Winchester® Super-X® Rimfire Ammo is manufactured to exceedingly high standards with reliable priming, and consistent powder charges and bullet dimensions to yield maximum accuracy and reliability in any firearm you use. Driving a copper-plated lead bullet at high velocity, Super-X 22 ammo cycles flawlessly in semi-autos, as well as any type of firearm action, leaving minimum lead residue in the barrel, feed ramp, or forcing cone. Clean-burning powder and priming also contribute to maintaining firearm actions clean for reliable function. Winchester offers Super-X Rimfire Ammo in a 40-grain, round-nose (RN) bullet, or 37-grain hollow-point (HP). Both types of bullets are well suited for plinking, target practice, and small game hunting—the RN penetrates deeper with minimal damage to edible game; the HP expands to anchor small game and varmints quickly.

  • Manufactured to exceedingly high standards
  • Maximum accuracy and reliability
  • 40-grain RN or 37-grain HP
  • Copper-plated lead bullets
  • Clean-burning powder
  • Reliable priming
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