Winchester Long Beard XR Turkey Shotshells

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Giving you the tightest patterns and longest shot capability of any lead turkey load Winchester® has ever offered, Long Beard™ XR™ Turkey Shotshells deliver deadlier performance at longer ranges. Putting twice the pellets in a 10" circle than comparable turkey loads out to 60 yards, Long Beard XR shells feature Shot-Lok® technology to deliver devastating terminal on-target performance shot after shot. Shot-Lok shells encase every pellet in a hardened resin to prevent pellet deformation during acceleration through the barrel. Avoiding any deformation, the pellets remain round to fly straighter and tighter for highly consistent payloads and devastating knockdown at longer ranges. A game changer for hardcore turkey hunters, Long Beard XR shells give you heavier-than-lead load performance at a fraction of the cost.

  • Winchester's most advanced turkey load - increased lethality at longer ranges
  • Heavier-than-lead load performance at a fraction of the cost
  • Shot-Lok Technology - increased shot stability for better downrange performance
  • Devastating terminal on-target performance
  • Tighter patterns - 2X the pellents in a 10" circle up to 60 yards
  • Deeper penetration and devastating knockdown at longer ranges
  • 10 rounds

Shot-Lok Technology
Shot-Lok loads feature a hardened resin that completely encapsulates the lead pellets. This resin eliminates air space around the pellets, preventing movement, which ultimately leads to virtually no pellet deformation during in-bore acceleration. As the shot is charged, the resin fractures, forming a micro-buffer as the shot pattern leaves the gun barrel. This buffer helps the pellets stay round to fly straighter and tighter, resulting in highly consistent payloads and devastating knockdown at longer ranges.

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