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Extreme Point®

–150 Grain

The #1 option for deer hunting. Specifically designed to expand on deer out to 250 yards. Large diameter polymer tip provides massive impact trauma and fast knockdown.

–Velocity: 2,325 FPS
–Energy: 1,800 FT-LB

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Odor Control


–180 Grain

The all-purpose projectile for deer, hogs and bear. An alloyed lead core and notched jacket provide consistent performance for a variety of hunters.

–Velocity: 2,100 FPS
–Energy: 1,762 FT-LB

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Environmental Leather

Full Metal Jacket

–145 Grain

Ideal for high volume range shooters. Truncated cone target bullet achieves excellent accuracy from a variety of barrel lengths

–Velocity: 2,350 FPS
–Energy: 1,778 FT-LB

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