White River Fly Shop Fight Club Fly Line

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Throwing big flies at mean fish isn't a complicated equation. You want control and accuracy, and a heavy enough taper to offset the dynamics of some pretty gnarly groceries. Our Bass Taper Fly Line goes a long way toward that end, but sometimes the solution is just a "bigger hammer." And, the White River Fly Shop® Fight Club Fly Line is it. The super-aggressive "Jurassic Taper" simply amounts to concentrating all the grain weight into a shorter belly, closer to the tip. Launch the biggest flies downrange with a minimum of false casting. This fishing is brutal on lines, so we've priced this one where you won't feel guilty about wearing it out and buying another. Made in USA.

  • Super-aggressive Jurassic Taper
  • Ideal for casting big flies
  • Weight is concentrated in a shorter belly, closer to the tip
  • Minimizes false casting
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