White River Fly Shop 28 Piece Hopper Assortment

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The White River Fly Shop® offers this versatile Hopper Assortment which contains 28 flies in assorted sizes and patterns. This popular hand-picked assortment contains 2 each of the following:

  • Size 8 Bullethead Rubberleg Hopper
  • Size 10 Daves Hopper
  • Size 12 Daves Hopper
  • Size 10 Henry's Fork Hopper
  • Size 10 Parachute Hopper
  • Size 12 Parachute Hopper
  • Size 8 Rainy Day Hopper
  • Size 12 Rainy Day Hopper
  • Size 8 Rubberleg Parahopper
  • Size 10 Rubberleg Parahopper
  • Size 8 Triple Decker Foam Hopper
  • Size 10 Triple Decker Foam Hopper
  • Size 10 Joe's Hopper
  • Size 12 Joe's Hopper

Choose from the 28 Piece Hopper Assortment alone or enhanced with a White River Fly Shop Riseform™ Triangle Foam Fly Box for quick and easy storage. This 7.4" x 3.8" x 7" box features triangular cut-outs that guide the fly hook bend snugly into slit foam for a secure hold.

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