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Shop Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's for the top quality waterfowl shotguns and ammunition you want to make this year's duck and goose seasons a success! Offering top notch waterfowl shotguns and heavy-hitting loads, Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's helps hard core duck and goose hunters make every shot count. Find a broad selection of specialized waterfowl shotguns from Browning, Benelli, Mossberg, Beretta, Stoeger, Remington, Winchester and other gun makers. We also offer the hard-hitting ammunition, including steel and other advanced loads, from Browning, Federal, Hevi-Shot, Kent, Winchester, Remington, and others to help you maximize your shooting performance. Whether shooting over water or over harvested grain, Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's have the guns and ammo you need to put a hard-hitting shot on overhead ducks and geese this season.

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