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Convince wary ducks and geese to fly right down in front of your blind this season with a top quality spread of duck and goose decoys from Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's! Shop Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's for a wide and varied assortment of lifelike, feature-packed duck decoys and goose decoys. Chosen carefully by our waterfowl pros and experts to match your flyway, our wide selection of duck and goose decoys makes it easy for waterfowl hunters to pick the perfect decoys for their hunting style and location. From full-body decoys to motorized decoys, goose shells to flags, windsocks, floaters, and more, we offer the decoys you need to calm and entice wary birds flying over your location. Find decoys from top brands like Avian-X, Northern Flight, Higdon Outdoors, Lifetime Decoys, Lucky Duck, MOJO Outdoors, Tanglefree, White Rock Decoys, and more. So, whether you hunt alongside the water, in flooded timber, in a boat blind, or from a layout blind, let Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's help you create the perfect decoy spread to bring big groups of ducks and geese this season.

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