VMC Rattle Spoon Kit

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Here, finally, is a spoon you don't have to haul on to create fish-attracting sound. The VMC® Rattle Spoon Kit is a 3-pack of deadly rattlers that can be worked as subtly or aggressively as needed, according to the mood of the fish. Compared to other spoons, the VMC Rattle Spoon has a much shorter, all-brass resonance chamber that contains multiple beads, so very little movement is needed to call fish in. Especially deadly for ice fishing or vertical jigging in stained or murky water, around dense weedbeds, or in heavy cover. Proven action and great colors! Live Kit includes Emerald Shiner, Perch, and Yellow Perch patterns; Glow UV Kit includes Green Fire, Orange Fire, and Pink Fire colors, all with Ultra Glow pigment that lasts up to 15 minutes per charge.

  • Rattling spoons that can be worked fast or slow
  • Short brass resonance chamber with multiple beads
  • Creates fish-attracting sound with subtle movement
  • Deadly for ice fishing or open-water jigging
  • Proven effective in stained and murky water
  • Proven action and great colors
  • Glow patterns hold color for up to 15 minutes
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