VMC Crossover Ring

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Create perfect Wacky and Neko rigs, quickly and easily, with the VMC® Crossover Ring™. This innovative component for finesse bassin' is designed to slip over your soft plastic finesse bait and attach to the hook; made of a stretchable, shape-retaining plastic, the patent-pending Crossover Ring represents a huge upgrade over hard-to-handle standard O-rings. Specially designed Crossover Pliers™ (not included) quickly stretch and position the ring for quick, precise placement, and each Ring is molded with a dual-channel hood to accommodate either Wacky or Neko style rigging.

  • Makes creating the perfect Wacky or Neko rig easy
  • Slips over your soft plastic and attaches to the hook
  • Made of a stretchable, shape-retaining plastic
  • Use with Crossover Pliers (not included) for quick rigging
  • Dual-channel hood either Wacky or Neko style
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