UDAP Bear Shock Food-Storage Electric Fence

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Rest easy knowing your food is protected from unwanted visitors with this lightweight UDAP Bear Shock® Food-Storage Electric Fence. Protects your food from bears by providing an electric charge when touched. That zap on the nose will convince a bear that there are other things it would rather be doing than investigating your food source. Powerful energizer with LCD display puts out up to 7,600 volts. Runs continuously for up to three weeks on two D batteries and four AA batteries (not included). Easy setup and operation. Two or more fences can be attached to enclose a larger area. Includes storage bag, energizer, ground wire, hot wire, Bear Safety Tips booklet, battery-operated LED light, LED light strap, electric-fence placard, ground rod and 30-ft. bear mesh fence with posts. Made in USA.

Wt: 9 lbs. with batteries.

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