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The largest manufacturer of bowhunting releases in the world. Every TRU-FIRE® release is designed to provide years of trouble-free use and dependability. Before any new design can wear the TRU-FIRE® logo, it is tested extensively on the company’s exclusively designed pneumatic release tester that can automatically load the release, rotate the head, and apply a staggering amount of pressure and fire the trigger in mere seconds, on each release. All of this testing proves that each TRU-FIRE® release will be absolutely reliable the moment you need it most.

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Technology Highlights

TrapTab Technology


With our patented design you will never have to fumble to get the end of your strap through the buckle because it already is through the buckle via our TrapTab. There is no need to ever have to pull the arrow head out of the buckle. It works great with or without gloves.

Foldback Technology


Time and time again, your release seems to get in the way at the wrong time – not with TRU-FIRE®!!! TRU-FIRE®’s buckle foldback system is simple yet it gets the job done. It takes just 1 lb. of pressure to put the release in the stowed position and only 1 lb. of pressure to get it back to the shooting position.

Engineered innovations like our proprietary heat treating process and stringent testing ensure that every TRU-FIRE® release is built to exceed expectations and will remain dependable for years of hunting success. We stand by our products, and to prove that we offer a limited lifetime warranty on every TRU-FIRE® release.