Traditions Muzzleloading Cleaning Kit

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With the Traditions™ Muzzleloading Cleaning Kit, your muzzleloaders will be well taken care of everyday over the long term by providing you with game-changing tools that are essential to easily reverse and continually prevent fouling and other residue buildup on the breech plug and breech area from diminishing the overall condition and performance of your firearm. The included EZ Clean™ product in the Traditions cleaning kit is the show-stealing all-star that comes to deeply clean your muzzleloader with its advanced, easy-to-use formula. Features of the muzzleloader cleaning kit include: one 4 oz. EZ Clean Spray Solvent, to clean your muzzleloader through and through; one 2 oz. Wonderlube 1000 Plus, to season and lube your muzzleloader; 1 EZ Clean Breech Plug and Nipple Grease, to further protect your muzzleloader's parts; and dry cleaning patches, to provide your muzzleloader with exterior and interior cleaning.

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