Tournament Saver Pro Elite Push Button Trolling Motor Battery Jumper System

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Turn the key, and—nothing. If you've ever been stuck on the lake with a dead battery, you know what a hassle it can be. No more. With the push of a button, the Tournament Saver Pro Elite Battery Jumper System will start your engine in 10 seconds or less, and off you go. No moving batteries or crossing wires. No too-short jumper cables. No heavy, bulky jump box. The compact, lightweight Tournament Saver Pro Elite installs between your starting battery and your trolling motor battery, and can be wired to your dash. When you push the button, it draws power from the trolling motor battery into the starting battery to start the engine. Safe for batteries and boat, the Tournament Saver Pro Elite is a wise investment for any serious fisherman.
Manufacturer model #: TSP ELITE.

  • Fallback system for a dead starting battery
  • Starts your engine in 10 seconds or less
  • Requires only a push of a button
  • Compact, lightweight unit
  • Installs between starter and trolling motor batteries
  • Can be wired to your dash
  • Draws from the trolling battery to start the engine
  • Safe for batteries and boat
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