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Take care of your firearms with the Tipton® Best Bore Brush 3-Pack. These bore brushes meet military specifications and their components won't scratch or harm your bore. Single-piece, brass-wire core threads are fitted through the brass coupler to prevent separation within the barrel, while the bristles are made of high-quality bronze, which is softer than barrel steel, yet strong enough to aggressively scour lead and copper fouling as well as powder residue. Plus, the Tipton Best Bore Brush features a 20% higher bristle count than most common bore brushes. Recommended for use with 1-piece rods with an appropriate bore guide.

  • Meets military specifications
  • Single-piece, brass-wire core threads
  • Brass coupler prevents separation in the barrel
  • High-quality bronze bristles
  • 20% higher bristle count than most common bore brushes
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.22 Caliber
3 Pack
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