Tink's Peak30 Premium Doe Estrus

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Settle for nothing less than the tested and certified pure Tink's® Peak30 Premium Doe Estrus. Collected during peak standing estrus, Peak 30 contains 30pg/ml levels of estrogen guaranteed, a level a doe reaches when ready to breed. Compare this with the competition which collects urine in the pre-, peak-, and post-estrus timeframe of a doe's cycle. Each collection of Tink's Peak30 Premium doe estrus goes through scientific certification to assure of the highest quality on the market. Apply it directly on the ground, low-hanging limbs, and over scrapes to draw in bucks during the rut like never before. 1-oz bottle.

  • Collected during peak standing estrus
  • Contains 30pg/ml levels of estrogen guaranteed
  • Apply it directly on the ground, scrapes, or tree limbs
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