Combining traditional Sako® gunsmith know-how with advanced technologies, Tikka® rifles deliver pinpoint accuracy and performance in all conditions, anywhere in the world. Whether hunting for a proven T3x Lite or an advanced T3x TAC A1, you can find a wide assortment of advanced Tikka centerfire and rimfire rifles at Bass Pro Shops or Cabela's. Packed with versatile designs to meet the various needs of different hunters and shooters around the world, Tikka's rifle lines all feature the same commitment to accuracy, durability, and reliability. Built with precise and accurate cold hammer-forged barrels, silent and flawless feeding bolt actions, crisp and clean triggers, and excellent rifle bedding along the full length of the receiver, every Tikka rifle shows sub-1 M.O.A. accuracy at 100m with 3 shots before it leaves the factory. The result? A superb shooting machine you can count on every time you settle the sights on your next trophy, no matter where you are hunting, no matter what conditions you are hunting in. Never settle for ordinary again, find the perfect, second to none Tikka rifle for you at basspro.com or cabelas.com.

Technology Highlights

Cold Hammer Forged Barrel

Longer Barrel Life - Cold hammer forging changes the structure of steel, increasing the toughness of the metal and the barrel life of your rifle.

Instant Accuracy - Cold forged barrels have outstanding out-of-the-box accuracy, so you don't have to break-in the barrel

High Tolerances - The excellent tolerances of CHF barrels make Tikka one of the top rifle barrel manufactures.

Precise Trigger

Facilitates Prefect Rifle Trigger Pull - Great trigger tough enables proper trigger pull

Minimized Trigger Lock Time - Shorter lock times leads to better precision

Crisp Engagment of the Trigger - A crisp trigger combined with the right rifle trigger pull technology lead to a clean shot

Fine-Tuned Bedding

Accuracy For Repeated Shots - Well-designed rifle stock bedding ensures each shot is as accurate as one before

Consistency Between Shots - Rifle bedding ensures all of your shots are consistent

Dependability In All Environments - Bedding a rifle right means you can trust your rifle in all situations