The OXYGENATOR Pro Livewell Flush Mount

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The OXYGENATOR™ Pro Livewell Flush Mount is the best way to ensure your fish stay alive and make it to the weigh in. Designed to fit any boat with a 15 to 50 gallon livewell, the OXYGENATOR is much more efficient than the traditional aeration process which produces much lower oxygen levels. Runs off of existing boat battery, it is silent, and not for use in saltwater. Freshwater use only. Using a patented process, the OXYGENATOR produces oxygen that is readily absorbed into the water which keeps bait and fish not only healthy, but livelier as well. This is the most efficient means of maintaining high-levels of oxygen in a livewell and nothing comes close to the OXYGENATOR's ability to create an oxygen-rich environment. In addition, the OXYGENATOR uses advanced sensor technology to increase or decrease the frequency and duration of the output to maintain the highest yet safest dissolved oxygen level based on the livewell water temperature variation.

  • Designed to fit boats with 15 to 50 gallon livewells
  • Runs off of existing boat battery
  • Creates an oxygen-rich environment to keep fish fresh and lively

''Every tournament angler, professional or amateur, owes it to the fishery to use The OXYGENATOR,'' Bass Pro Shops® Pro Angler, Denny Brauer

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