Surefire EP4 Filtered Flanged Sonic Defenders Plus Earplugs

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The Surefire EP4 Filtered Flanged Sonic Defenders® Plus Earplugs provide highly effective, all-day hearing protection from potentially dangerous 85db+ noises, which are easily drowned out with its proprietary noise-reducing filter design, while allowing you to conveniently hear conversations and other sounds nearby without issue. Constructed out of a durable yet soft, hypoallergenic polymer material, the Surefire earplugs feature soft, adjustable triple flanged stems, designed for larger ear canals, that securely and reliably plug up both ears with effectively designed seals; and with the patented EarLock® retention rings, they will remain firmly in place to prevent them from accidentally falling out while sitting in both ears--even if you're wearing a hat or talking on the phone. For additional protection, simply insert the filter caps, if you wish not to hear conversations and other harmless but potentially distracting noises around you. Other features include: compatibility with radio communication systems, a 26" polymer lanyard, and a convenient carrying case. Noise reduction rating (NRR) 24dB, with inserted filtered caps.

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