StrikeMaster Lithium 24V Ice Auger

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Incredibly lightweight and portable, the rechargeable StrikeMaster® Lithium 24V Ice Auger drills your ice holes faster, cleaner, and steadier than any handheld cordless drill system can. This tough, durable electric auger does everything a gas drill does – except that it won't smoke you out of your shelter, leak gas, blow out your eardrums, or start hard. At only 13-14 lbs., the StrikeMaster Lithium 24V Ice Auger is easy to transport, and the combination of its 50:1 gear ratio and twin serrated stainless steel Lazer™ blades deliver impressive torque and power. With 16" of ice, you can quickly drill 100 holes between charges with the 6" model, or 50 holes with the 8" model, on a single charge. And because of its advanced Internal Battery Management System, the 24V, 4 amp-hour lithium ion battery maintains full power to the end of the charge; the 3-LED battery status indicator keeps you aware of the remaining charge. The StrikeMaster Lithium 24V Ice Auger includes a 2-amp rapid-charging base; a full recharge takes only 2 hours. To start drilling, just push a button; features both forward and reverse modes, planetary gears, heavy-duty internals, impact-absorbing filament handles, and ergonomic controls with deadman safety switch.

  • Incredibly lightweight and portable
  • Weighs just 13-14 lbs.
  • 50:1 planetary gear system
  • Twin serrated stainless steel Lazer blades
  • Impressive torque and power at the push of a button
  • 6" model drills about 100 holes per charge
  • 8" model drills about 50 holes per charge
  • Maintains full power to the end of the charge
  • 24V, 4 amp-hour lithium ion battery
  • Includes 2-amp rapid-charging base
  • Fully recharges in just 2 hours
  • Both forward and reverse modes
  • Impact-absorbing handles
  • Ergonomic controls
  • Deadman safety switch
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