Storm 360GT Mangrove Minnow with Jighead

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The deadliest, most realistic softbait system in fresh- or saltwater. The Storm® 360GT Mangrove Minnow with Jighead offers easy, seamless rigging plus a distinctive swimming action with a tight body roll and rapid paddle vibration. If desired, you can change the vibration pattern by snipping the tail tendon, which will give the bait a wider tail action. The sleek, contoured body is precision-molded to snug up perfectly to a 360GT Jighead (included), creating a virtually seamless baitfish presentation that's indistinguishable from the real thing. Each 360GT Mangrove Minnow body features a durable solid head, with molded-in back and belly slots for quick rigging and maximum hook gap. Jighead is designed for both lift-n-drop and swimming retrieves, with a true-tracking 60° line tie, large holographic eyes, tight-grip bait keeper, and heavy-duty VMC® Coastal Black® hook. Package contains 1 rigged jighead and 3 extra bodies.

  • Incredibly realistic and easy to fish
  • Designed for seamless rigging
  • Premium phthalate-free soft plastic
  • Sleek body with a solid head
  • Tight body roll, rapid paddle vibration
  • Tail tendon can be cut for wider tail swim
  • Slotted belly and back for easy rigging
  • Body and jighead designed to align perfectly
  • Jighead features 60° line tie and large holo eyes
  • Tight-grip bait keeper
  • Heavy-duty VMC Coastal Black hook
  • Includes 1 rigged jighead and 3 extra bodies
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