Storm 360GT Coastal Shrimp

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When shrimp is on the menu, get in on the action with an incredibly lifelike presentation from Storm® – the 360GT Coastal Shrimp. Segmented body allows realistc tail action, while legs swim and kick during the fall, driving hungry fish to strike without hesitation. Flat belly keeps the bait from tipping when resting on the bottom. Strong VMC® Coastal Black® 3/0 weighted swimbait hook features a keel weight to ensure the bait always swims upright. Includes three bodies and one hook.
Size: 3"; 1/16 oz.
Colors: (019)Gray Ghost, (021)Rootbeer, (023)Cayenne Gold, (025)Gold Glow, (027)Arkansas Glow, (029)New Penny Chartreuese Tail.

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