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Description: FLEX-S
Megapixel: 36
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Offering the same high-end performance and versatility as the original FLEX, the SpyPoint® FLEX-S Cell Camera boasts a long-lasting power supply with integrated solar-panel charging and built-in lithium battery. It captures crisp 33MP photos and 1080p video with sound, and then the game camera transmits the footage to the Spypoint app, so you can get an up-close-and-personal look at the game around your favorite hunting spot. It detects game out to 100', and the flash also reaches out to 100'. The responsive trigger automatically configures camera settings to the exact conditions at the time of the photo for optimal quality. The FLEX-S captures photos or videos even while the camera is transmitting previous ones, ensuring you never miss a big-buck moment. The camera works on all major cellular networks and will automatically connect to the best coverage in the area thanks to dual-sim configuration. Modes include photo, video, time-lapse, and time-lapse+. Preloaded with 2 preactivated SIM cards for connectivity virtually anywhere. Compatible with class-10 ultra-high speed microSD card (not included). Extend battery life even further using optional power supply from 8 AA batteries or LIT-22 lithium battery pack (both not included). Includes installation strap.

  • Integrated solar-panel charging
  • Built-in lithium battery
  • Captures 33MP photos and 1080p video with sound
  • Transmits the footage to the Spypoint app
  • Detects game out to 100'
  • 100' flash range
  • Preloaded with 2 preactivated SIM cards
  • Additional power supply options
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