SpoolTek Fatty

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SpoolTek Fatty

Any angler who's been humbled by a jumping, slashing, lure-throwing fish, or endured a skunking during peak conditions, will appreciate the SpoolTek® Fatty. This innovative lure addresses both of those situations in a truly ingenious way. Cast it, jig it, use a steady retrieve, fish it any way you like. The Fatty has a short, thick baitfish profile with an extremely lifelike finish, so it will emulate key forage species in both fresh and saltwater. It falls like a jig, tracks straight, and has a slight head wobble with tight tail action on the retrieve. What makes a SpoolTek lure unique is how it works in other ways!

The SpoolTek Fatty comes in 2 parts—a slide-on plastic shad tail, and a hard painted head section with a Mustad® black-nickel O'Shaughnessy hook attached to a concealed, stainless steel leader that's tightly spooled inside the head. When a fish strikes (the hook is tied directly to the main line and positioned in a special slot, under tension, for instant hooksets), the steel leader deploys, separating the hook from the lure.

Deprived of leverage, the fish has little chance of throwing the lure, greatly increasing your odds of landing that big snook, red, tarpon, mahi mahi, or bass. The steel leader prevents line damage during the fight, and because the leader is hidden during the retrieve, the fish can't see it. After the battle, simply respool the leader with a finger, using the small "thumbwind" knob on the head section. More strikes, more hookups, more fish landed. Shouldn't you try a SpoolTek Fatty? Includes 1 spare tail.

  • 2-part lure with concealed leader inside
  • Leader deploys upon hookset
  • Lure separates from hook during the fight
  • Deprived of leverage, fish seldom throw the hook
  • "Thumbwind" knob for quick, 1-finger leader respooling
  • No visible leader to spook the fish
  • Short, thick baitfish profile with lifelike finishes
  • Can be jigged, darted, or slow-retrieved
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