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- August 16–19, 2018 - In the Heart of the Ozarks

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Welcome to the Ozarks!

We are thrilled to have you join us for the All-Star Store Managers' Expedition! We look forward to your arrival and consider it an honor to be hosting you in a beautiful part of the country, the Missouri Ozark Mountains.

Your transportation, lodging, meals and activities have been arranged exclusively for you, the Best of the Best Store Managers!

Johnny has planned an exciting weekend—one that promises to be great fun and hopefully very meaningful and productive, with a surprise or two along the way. While getting to know each other better, we will also enjoy great activities and food, and a pit stop at the “Great American Night Race” in Bristol, Tennessee, where we'll cheer on our 2017 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Champion, Martin Truex Jr., in the Bass Pro Shops/Ducks Unlimited Toyota, and Ryan Newman, driving the # 31 Bass Pro Shops/Cabela's Chevy.

Here are some helpful hints for your travel to THE OZARKS…

IMPORTANT NOTE: We will be sending you 4 luggage tags before your arrival. Please be sure to use the provided luggage tags. This will ensure that your luggage is delivered to the correct location.

Canada & Alaska friends, don't worry! We'll have your luggage tags waiting for you at the Springfield airport upon your arrival.

Thursday, August 16

Dress: Business Casual

  • Please arrive for your flight two hours prior to your scheduled departure.
  • If you encounter a travel delay, please call Angie Getso at 417-849-5779 or Adelman Travel at 1-800-231-3999.
  • Upon your arrival in Springfield, you will be met at baggage claim. Your hosts will be wearing a Bass Pro/Cabela's hat. A shuttle will be waiting to take you directly to the Grandaddy Store for Registration. There you will check in and we can answer any questions you may have. Your luggage will be delivered to your room at Big Cedar Lodge.
    Springfield Airport: 2300 N Airport Blvd, Springfield, MO 65802

*If you are driving your personal vehicle, please park your car in one of the designated parking spots at the front of the Bass Pro Shops store.

**If you are driving a rental car, please drop your car off at the Springfield airport and board one of the shuttles to the Bass Pro Shops store. An associate with a Bass Pro/Cabela's Hat can direct you to the shuttle.

9:00am–1:00pm Pick up your credentials at the registration table located inside Bass Pro Shops. 1935 S. Campbell, Springfield, MO 65807
12:30pm Meet just outside the front entrance of Bass Pro Shops. Please be prompt!
Note: 12:50pm & 12:55pm arrivals will be taken directly from the airport to Base Camp (Bass Pro Shops Headquarters' Campus).
1:00pm Get on shuttles in number order.Very Important: The number on the bottom right of your name tag is your seat assignment. Please locate your designated seat. You have been strategically placed in this order for your next journey; please remain in this order throughout the tour.
1:30pm Tour Base Camp—all-star meet and greet reception.
4:30pm Board busses to relocate to Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium for tours and Evening for Conservation Celebration.
6:30pm Dine in Great Oceans Hall at Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium.
7:30pm Entertainment and featured guests speakers.
9:00pm Shuttles depart for Big Cedar Lodge—America's Premier Wilderness Resort.

Friday, August 17

Dress: Business Casual

6:45am A shuttle will pick you up at your room to take you to Falls Lodge. If you are staying in Falls Lodge, meet in the lobby.
7:00am Travel to Dogwood Canyon Nature Park.
7:30am–8:15am Breakfast at the Mill at Dogwood Canyon Nature Park.
8:15am–11:25am Trout Fishing & Wildlife Tram Tour through the Canyon.
— It's a contest! Who can catch the biggest trout?
11:30am Shuttles depart for the Bass Pro Shops Shooting Academy.
12:00pm–12:55pm Shooting exhibition.
1:00pm–1:45pm Lunch at Bass Pro Shops Shooting Academy.
2:00pm–5:00pm Activities:
  • If you chose golf as your activity, board a shuttle to be transported to Top of the Rock Golf Course.
  • If shooting is your activity, head to the range.
5:30pm–6:30pm Free time to shower and relax in rooms.
6:30pm Shuttles from guest rooms to Top of the Rock.
6:45pm–7:30pm Tour the Lost Canyon Cave & Nature Trail like never before!
7:45pm Group photo on Buffalo Bar patio—Mark has a secret!
8:01pm Sunset ceremony.
8:15pm Dinner on Buffalo Bar patio.
9:30pm After dinner, entertainment on the Driving Range.
10:15pm All board shuttles to Big Cedar Lodge.

Saturday, August 18

Dress: Business Casual with Black Polo Race Shirt

6:00am Dress is casual with comfortable shoes, excluding sandals or open toed shoes. You may wear jeans or shorts. Be sure to wear your special black race shirt.

Please have your bags packed and leave inside your room by the door. Your luggage will be directly transported to your next destination. Bring what you need for the race, including your charger pack and earplugs. You will NOT be returning to your room at Big Cedar. (Backpacks are permitted at the race.)
*PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to have your 2 race wristbands, name tag, track map and program with you. DO NOT leave these items with your luggage. You must have it on to enter the track.
**You will be going through airport security in Branson.
No liquids over 3.4 ounces, firearms, pocket knives, etc.
You will need your government issued I.D.
6:30am Shuttles from guest rooms to the Grandview Conference Center.
First thing! Put on your race credentials! 2 wristbands & 1 lanyard with your suite pass in the lanyard. Please Note: Some of you will receive special race assignments.
6:30am–7:30am Breakfast at the Grandview Conference Center.
7:30am–11:15am Business meeting in Ballroom C&D.
11:30am Depart for Branson Airport.
*Have your government issued I.D. ready.
12:45pm Wheels up! Lunch and a special treat will be served on the plane.
3:45pm Plane lands and Highway Patrol motorcade departs for Bristol Motor Speedway. Please Note: Time change.
What bus do I get on? Match your wristband color to the bus captain's paddle.
4:30pm Arrive at Bristol Motor Speedway for welcome reception.
5:30pm Driver & crew chief meeting.
5:45pm Walk to Victory Lane.
Golf carts available for guests who need assistance.
6:00pm Participate in pre-race ceremonies from Victory Lane.
7:15pm Group moves to turn 3.
7:41pm GM team members serve as Grand Marshalls—Deliver "Drivers, Start Your Engines" command!
7:42pm Team returns to Victory Lane to watch first 20 laps.
8:00pm Move to the VIP Suites to watch the race.
Suites: 256/257, 256, 254
What suite are you in? Flip your name tag over, the suite number should be on there. Dinner will be served in the suites.
100 Laps To Go Move to Ole Smoky Moonshine Deck.
Conclusion of the Race Return to Bristol FBO & board planes for Memphis, TN.
1:30am Check in to Big Cypress & the Peabody (time change).
What time is my departure in the morning?
Look in your key packet. There will be a notecard with your departure time listed on it.

Sunday, August 19

6:30am Airport departures start.
  • Need to arrive 1.5 hours prior to your flight time.
  • See departure list in your key packet.
8:00am–11:00am Breakfast in The Lookout.
11:00am Check out.
Late Departures Lunch at Uncle Bucks.
Graceland tickets available upon request.

We can't wait to have you here with us again!

Debbie Bennett Signature

Debbie Bennett

Vice President of Hospitality

General Managers Map

Best of the Best Retail Managers

Al Pew BPS Calgary, AB 14 Yrs
Stephen Gagne CAB Calgary, AB 3 Yrs
Tanya Masse CAB Edmonton North, AB 7 Yrs
Steve Bailey CAB Edmonton South, AB 6 Yrs
Pat Nolde BPS Anchorage, AK 6 Yrs
Kevin Weeks CAB Anchorage, AK 7 Yrs
Steven Smith CAB Huntsville, AL 3 Yrs
Dave Harre BPS Leeds, AL 11 Yrs
Eric Alford BPS Prattville, AL 13 Yrs
Derrick Watkins BPS Spanish Fort, AL 10 Yrs
Will Anderson BPS Little Rock, AR 8 Yrs
Reed Tucker CAB Rogers, AR 4 Yrs
Scott Johns CAB Glendale, AZ 8 Yrs
Tom Carlew BPS Mesa, AZ 29 Yrs
Michelle Polsom CAB Nanaimo, BC 4 Yrs
Gerry MacIntyre BPS Vancouver, BC 2 Yrs
Jackson Felt BPS Manteca, CA 11 Yrs
Bob Minor BPS Rancho Cucamonga, CA 11 Yrs
Dan Dugger BPS Rocklin, CA 11 Yrs
Gina Meacham BPS San Jose, CA 2 Yrs
Chris Koeninger BPS Colorado Springs, CO 14 Yrs
Vaughn Peterson BPS Denver, CO 5 Yrs
Debbie Testa CAB Grand Junction, CO 5 Yrs
Chris Fletcher CAB Lone Tree, CO 11 Yrs
Brett Lococo CAB Thornton, CO 16 Yrs
Loretta Mercado BPS Bridgeport, CT 4 Yrs
Karla Szarlan CAB East Hartford, CT 5 Yrs
Cornell Randolph CAB Christiana, DE 3 Yrs
Danny Vinson BPS Dania Beach, FL 8 Yrs
Todd Blanchard BPS Daytona, FL 12 Yrs
Ryan Cox BPS Destin, FL 9 Yrs
Chuck Stevens BPS Ft. Myers, FL 13 Yrs
Mike O'Brien BPS Gainesville, FL 6 Yrs
Scott Bodziak BPS Islamorada, FL 8 Yrs
Jaime Gonzalez BPS Miami, FL 1 Yr
Lenny Balogh BPS Palm Bay, FL 1 Yr
Craig Scarborough BPS Port St. Lucie, FL 10 Yrs
Jeff Dooley BPS Tallahassee, FL 4 Yrs
Ronnie Cheeks BPS Tampa, FL 6 Yrs
Earl Johnson CAB Acworth, GA 5 Yrs
Jacky Jackson BPS Atlanta, GA 11 Yrs
Tabitha Poteat CAB Augusta, GA 1 Yr
William Van Kampen CAB Fort Oglethorpe, GA 3 Yrs
Tom Moody BPS Macon, GA 8 Yrs
Dale White BPS Savannah, GA 5 Yrs
Jason Truman BPS Altoona, IA 13 Yrs
Duane Ebach BPS Council Bluffs, IA 12 Yrs
Taryn Wright CAB Ammon, ID 13 Yrs
Chris Dominguez CAB Boise, ID 12 Yrs
Randy Longnecker CAB Post Falls, ID 16 Yrs
Marty Nealon BPS Bolingbrook, IL 4 Yrs
James Goff BPS East Peoria, IL 14 Yrs
Scott Grant BPS Gurnee, IL 14 Yrs
James Fuchsen CAB Hoffman Estates, IL 1 Yr
Mike Benningfield BPS Clarksville, IN 14 Yrs
Edric Winford CAB Hammond, IN 10 Yrs
Brian Crawford CAB Noblesville, IN 8 Yrs
Jim Weglarz BPS Portage, IN 2 Yrs
Joshua Little CAB Kansas City, KS 4 Yrs
Scott Ollendick BPS Olathe, KS 13 Yrs
Kyle Brower CAB Wichita, KS 4 Yrs
Eric Cutrer CAB Bowling Green, KY 11 Yrs
Jody Gambill CAB Lexington, KY 3 Yrs
Ryan Hutson CAB Louisville, KY 6 Yrs
Don Levins BPS Bossier City, LA 6 Yrs
Seth Theriot BPS Denham Springs, LA 11 Yrs
Chad Clow CAB Gonzales, LA 1 Yr
Richard Gilbert CAB Berlin, MA 1 Yr
Ed Cuthbertson BPS Foxborough, MA 11 Yrs
Allan Unrau CAB Winnipeg, MB 6 Yrs
David Farmer BPS Arundel, MD 5 Yrs
Rich Pschirrer CAB Scarborough, ME 18 Yrs
Keith Maltz BPS Auburn Hills, MI 12 Yrs
Joe Ross CAB Dundee, MI 18 Yrs
John Woniewski CAB Grandville, MI 14 Yrs
Bradley Gustafson CAB Saginaw, MI 8 Yrs
Blair Hughes CAB Chesterfield Township, MI 2 Yrs
Daren Muscha CAB East Grand Forks, MN 6 Yrs
Marc Puhl CAB Owatonna, MN 6 Yrs
Brenda Pawlak CAB Rogers, MN 3 Yrs
Mark Sutton CAB Woodbury, MN 1 Yr
Stephanie Degase BPS Branson, MO 15 Yrs
David Smith BPS Columbia, MO 14 Yrs
Richard Perkins CAB Hazelwood, MO 1 Yr
Ryan Eberly BPS Independence, MO 11 Yrs
Tony Lemmon BPS Outlet - Springfield, MO 33 Yrs
Lee Beasley BPS Springfield, MO 25 Yrs
Randy Nelson BPS St. Charles, MO 17 Yrs
Patrick Renegar BPS Pearl, MS 14 Yrs
Robert Weeks CAB Billings, MT 12 Yrs
Nicholas Morales CAB Kalispell, MT 7 Yrs
Jeffrey Friesen CAB Missoula, MT 5 Yrs
Patricia Guitard BPS Moncton, NB 3 Yrs
Todd Foxx BPS Cary, NC 2 Yrs
Eric Winter BPS Concord, NC 13 Yrs
Tammy Fonda-Quann CAB Garner, NC 2 Yrs
Bill Stockstill CAB La Vista, NE 16 Yrs
Lee Wiegand CAB Sidney, NE 20 Yrs
Robert Pope BPS Hooksett, NH 11 Yrs
Megan Werber BPS Atlantic City, NJ 4 Yrs
Christopher Wilson CAB Albuquerque, NM 12 Yrs
Tim Brown BPS Halifax, NS 3 Yrs
Jeremy Hendrick BPS Las Vegas, NV 10 Yrs
Charles Terhune CAB Reno, NV 1 Yr
Rob Barber BPS Auburn, NY 15 Yrs
Scott Armstrong CAB Cheektowaga, NY 6 Yrs
Perry Planck BPS Utica, NY 15 Yrs
Kenneth Howard CAB Avon, OH 4 Yrs
Michael Adlesh CAB Centerville, OH 16 Yrs
Bill Dillaha BPS Cincinnati, OH 11 Yrs
Matthew Mulig CAB Columbus, OH 4 Yrs
Scott Liebert BPS Rossford, OH 15 Yrs
James Daugherty CAB West Chester, OH 6 Yrs
Mike McClure BPS Broken Arrow, OK 14 Yrs
Melinda Roberts BPS Oklahoma City, OK 15 Yrs
Eric Carter CAB Oklahoma City, OK 6 Yrs
David Maynes CAB Barrie, ON 5 Yrs
Giles Fisher BPS Niagara, ON 14 Yrs
Rick Hunter CAB Ottawa, ON 4 Yrs
Shawn Hewitt BPS Vaughan, ON 8 Yrs
Mark Goldsmith CAB Springfield, OR 6 Yrs
Bruce Miller CAB Tualatin, OR 2 Yrs
Edward Bartolotta CAB Hamburg, PA 8 Yrs
Justin Brisson BPS Harrisburg, PA 6 Yrs
Keith Mitchell CAB Fort Mill, SC 1 Yr
John Large CAB Greenville, SC 7 Yrs
Chris Baker BPS Myrtle Beach, SC 20 Yrs
Benjamin Grenier CAB Mitchell, SD 14 Yrs
Brad Dye CAB Rapid City, SD 14 Yrs
Dan Langford CAB Regina, SK 4 Yrs
Wayne Yakielashek CAB Saskatoon, SK 3 Yrs
Jeff Hall BPS Bristol, TN 12 Yrs
Jarron Ritchie BPS Chattanooga, TN 12 Yrs
Michael Alvarado BPS Memphis, TN 10 Yrs
Terry Coughlin BPS Nashville, TN 15 Yrs
Chris Vaden BPS Sevierville, TN 13 Yrs
David Hagel BPS Memphis, TN 16 Yrs
Matthew Malone CAB Allen, TX 5 Yrs
Matthew Burtch CAB Buda, TX 9 Yrs
Bryan O'Grady CAB El Paso, TX 2 Yrs
Steven Andognini CAB Fort Worth, TX 8 Yrs
Kathy Thompson BPS Garland, TX 12 Yrs
Bill Megelich BPS Grapevine, TX 13 Yrs
Jesse Garcia BPS Harlingen, TX 6 Yrs
JR Young BPS Katy, TX 4 Yrs
Rodney Davidson CAB League City, TX 7 Yrs
Nicholas Weaver CAB Lubbock, TX 4 Yrs
Robert Thomas BPS Pearland, TX 4 Yrs
Asa Ewing BPS Round Rock, TX 6 Yrs
Jesse Pompa BPS San Antonio, TX 13 Yrs
Jeffrey Haslam CAB Waco, TX 15 Yrs
Curtis Smith CAB Farmington, UT 4 Yrs
Jason Porter CAB Lehi, UT 11 Yrs
James King BPS Ashland, VA 11 Yrs
Amy Benton CAB Bristol, VA 18 Yrs
Doug Campbell CAB Gainesville, VA 1 Yr
David Steveson BPS Hampton, VA 4 Yrs
Linda Gallimore CAB Short Pump, VA 4 Yrs
Joshua Anderson CAB Lacey, WA 5 Yrs
Bryce Matthies BPS Tacoma, WA 2 Yrs
Sherry Cook CAB Tulalip, WA 1 Yr
Kelly Hescheles CAB Union Gap, WA 4 Yrs
Eric Moran CAB Green Bay, WI 2 Yrs
Patrick Connaughty CAB Prairie Du Chien, WI 3 Yrs
Ryan Roberts CAB Richfield, WI 6 Yrs
Rory Vaughan CAB Sun Prairie, WI 1 Yr
Neil Depugh CAB Charleston, WV 8 Yrs
Joseph Neary CAB Wheeling, WV 9 Yrs