Slime Super Duty Tire Sealant for Tubeless Tires

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Slime® Super Duty Tire Sealants for Tubeless Tires are safe, easy-to-use, and formulated to prevent and repair flats in ATV and other tubeless tires. Slime Fibro-Seal® technology combines a blend of environmentally friendly fibers, polymers, binders, and congealing agents with a viscous compound that stays liquid in all conditions. This combination uses the centrifugal force of the tire as it spins to cover the tread area of the tire and push into punctures, where the fibers, polymers, and congealing agents mix and clot to form a seal. This unique system fixes holes already in your tire and creates a layer of protection that takes care of punctures as they happen. Tested and formulated to work in any tire, Slime for tubeless tires is specially formulated to fix holes up to a 1/4'' in the tread area of tubeless tires like those used on ATVs. Non-toxic, non-flammable, non-aerosol, and water-soluble for easy cleaning. Works on tubeless bike tires as well, installing between the tire bead and rim.

  • Fixes puncture holes up to 1/4'' in ATV and other tubeless tires
  • Fibro-Seal technology
  • Creates protective layer to fix new punctures as they happen
  • Non-toxic liquid that cleans up with water
  • Works in any tire, but specially formulated for tubeless tires
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