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Slide Anchor's state-of-the-art Box Anchors are compact, hassle-free anchoring systems that boaters and anglers alike can count on to hold firmly in any water depth, bottom conditions, swift currents or severe weather. With no heavy chain to bog down small boats and no powering down required, simply toss the Box Anchor in the water and seconds later the anchor's fixed scoop design and narrow panels set like a cookie cutter into sand, mud, grass or rock. Should the wind or current change, the Box Anchor rolls over and almost instantly resets itself. Retrieving the Box Anchor is also easy. The Box Anchor's narrow side panels are designed to eliminate upward resistance and a lead arm rolls backward to pop the anchor off the bottom. Equipped with a stainless steel stabilizing bar and return spring for quick locking open for use or collapsing the anchor for storage. Hot-dip galvanized with stainless steel hinge pins, stabilizing bar, return spring and nut for years of corrosion-resistant anchoring - even in saltwater. Storage bag included.

  • The 20 lb. Small Box Anchor is designed to hold 18'-30' sport boats or cabin cruisers up to 32'
  • The 25 lb. Large Box Anchor is for sport boats up to 40' and cabin cruisers up to 32'

Size dimensions apply to product in its collapsed state.

Slide Anchor Shore Spikes are sold separately and can be found through keyword search by typing in the keyword "Slide Anchor Shore Spike"

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