Slick Trick XBow Crossbow Broadhead

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Enjoy the superb flight performance and devastating delivery after impact of a Slick Trick™ on your crossbow arrows with the Slick Trick XBow Crossbow Broadhead. A versatile and rugged design with no moving parts, these 4-blade broadheads feature specially tuned geometry and weight to quickly stabilize shorter crossbow arrows for smooth flight and superior accuracy. High performance design combines a Super Steel™ hardened steel ferrule with Slick Trick's Alcatraz™ Bladelock system for a perfectly aligned broadhead that delivers field point accuracy with extreme penetration. The XBow's 4 interlocking .035" Lutz German steel blades provide exceptional straightness, strength, resilience, and the deep surgical-sharp cutting power hardcore bowhunters want. 4-edge, bone splitting tip. 1-1/8" cutting diameter. 4 pack. Made in USA.

  • Simple, rugged design and extraordinary performance for crossbow arrows
  • Specialized design - quickly stabilizes shorter crossbow arrows for greater accuracy
  • Super Steel hardened steel ferrule with 4-edge, bone splitting tip
  • Alcatraz Bladelock system - protects and holds blades in position for top performance
  • 4 interlocking .035" Lutz German steel blades - surgical sharpness for big blood trails
  • 1-1/8" cutting diameter
  • 4 broadheads
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