Simrad HALO20+ Radar

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With its ultra-compact 20" dome antenna, the Simrad® HALO20+ Radar is ideal for a wide range of bay boats. And performance-wise, the fact that it delivers simultaneous near-and-far hazard information in almost real time allows you to function with full confidence on the water. Its reach extends out to 36 nautical miles, with Simultaneous Dual Range operation availability and MARPA target tracking for up to 10 targets per active range; close-in ranging runs at speeds of up to 60 rpm to enable quick response. With enhanced pulse compression, beam sharpening, and collision-averting VelocityTrack™ Doppler technology, the HALO20+ provides smart, perfectly synched operation whether used in harbor, offshore, weather, or bird mode. Instant startup from standby.

  • Compact 20" dome antenna
  • Perfect for coastal bay boats
  • Simultaneous near-and-far hazard information
  • Almost-real-time operation
  • Maximum range: 36 nautical miles
  • Simultaneous Dual Range
  • MARPA target tracking
  • Tracks up to 20 targets (10 per active range)
  • Enhanced pulse compression and beam sharpening
  • VelocityTrack Doppler technology
  • Harbor, offshore, weather, and bird modes
  • Instant startup from standby
Web ID: 100916220

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