Sierra Tipped MatchKing Rifle Bullets

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Sierra® Tipped MatchKing® Rifle Bullets provide shooters with a ballistic advantage for accurate shot placement at ultra long range. An acetal resin tip, enhanced secant ogives and boattail bases maximize ballistic coefficients, creating an extremely aerodynamic projectile that minimizes bullet drop and wind drift. Acetal resin tipped bullets also feed reliably in all types of rifles, and maintain their aerodynamic shape while under recoil in the rifle's magazine. Sierra Tipped MatchKing Rifle Bullets are not recommended for hunting game animals larger than varmints and predators.

  • Maximum ballistic coefficients
  • Acetal resin tip
  • Enhanced secant ogives
  • Streamline boattail bases
  • Minimal bullet drop and wind drift
  • Provide ballistic advantage at ultra long range
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