Shooting Chrony Alpha Chronograph

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Shooting Chrony Alpha Chronograph

From bullets, arrows, pellets, or even paintballs, the Shooting Chrony® Alpha Chronograph uses a 1 string shot memory, numbered from 2 to 32, to reliably measure and retain low, high, and average shot speeds, including extreme spread and standard deviations, in fps or mps with greater than 0.5% accuracy--conveniently and clearly displayed on its LCD readout screen. Relatively lightweight, the chronograph is made of durable 20-gauge steel to last you a good long while, if properly taken care of, and to make transport from one place to another rather effortless. After opening the Shooting Chrony chronograph as easily as a book and placing it on a tripod, table, or some other stable surface, simply insert the diffusers and you'll be ready to shoot in mere minutes; and the stereo jack option allows you to hook up a remote control (not included) or printer. Retrieve or delete individual shot data easily on the spot or at home. Powered with a single 9-volt Alkaline battery (not included) for up to 48 hours of use.

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