Sebile Magic Swimmer

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Whether you call it multi-jointed or segmented, there's no denying that the Sebile® Magic Swimmer is one of the top natural-motion swimbaits for trophy bass and inshore game fish. This lure was instrumental in bringing about the swimbait explosion, and it's as deadly now as it ever was. Its undulating swim is incredibly lifelike, and with its tapered nose, humpbacked head, and elongated body, the Magic Swimmer slices easily through the water, creating turbulence on both sides and drawing massive strikes. Despite its size, you'll find this lure extremely stable and easy to fish, as it responds quickly to each movement of your rod tip and continues its natural forward glide on its own. Fitted with high-end hooks; your choice of floating or sinking models. Great for trolling, too!

  • Segmented body for an undulating, lifelike swim
  • Tapered nose, humpbacked head, elongated body design
  • Slices easily through the water
  • Creates fish-attracting turbulence on both sides
  • Extremely stable and easy to fish
  • Fitted with high-end hooks
  • Effective whether cast or trolled
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