Seaguar Tatsu Fluorocarbon Line

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Color: Clear
Length: 200 Yards

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Seaguar® Tatsu™ is an amazingly supple, fluorocarbon line that offers extraordinary knot strength, exceptional castability, and Seaguar's state-of-the-art Double Structure construction process. Created from two custom, 100% fluorocarbon resins, Tatsu has a softer exterior resin which enhances knot strength and a high-density interior resin that improves tensile strength. The innovative Double Structure process results in a high-performance fluorocarbon line that offers anglers tremendous application flexibility. Tatsu can be spooled on spinning and baitcast reels as a mainline, tied to braid as an inshore top shot and as a premium leader material. Plus, Tatsu also features Seaguar's Level Wind Technology™ which spools the line by laying it down side-by-side with no crossover to ensure maximum line strength without line stress or twist.

  • Double Structure fluorocarbon
  • Remarkable knot and tensile strength
  • Exceptional castability
  • Nearly invisible
  • Level Wind Technology
  • Ideal for spinning and baitcast reels
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