Scum Frog Pro Series Rattling Frog

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As if a Scum Frog® didn't make enough commotion already, now it rattles! The Scum Frog Pro Series Rattling Frog is equipped to make a huge racket as it goes by, with a loud glass rattle attached directly to the bottom of the 4/0 Owner hook. Glass-on-steel creates intense sound underwater; bass bulldoze their way through the slop in their eagerness to attack. With the hook angled up and the rattle safely out of the way, the Scum Frog is poised for sure hooksets. Nose-ring attachment for maximum rod tip control. Features 3-D molded eyes, hard-kicking filament legs, and a quality brass weight inside for pinpoint casting and walk-the-dog precision.

  • Glass rattle attached directly to the hook
  • Creates intense sound underwater
  • Rattle won't interfere with hooksetting
  • Nose-ring attachment for precise control
  • 3-D molded eyes
  • Hard-kicking filament legs
  • Up-angled 4/0 Owner hook
  • Quality brass weight
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