Scotty Premium Braided Dyneema Downrigger Line

$49.99 - $99.99
Description: W/ Terminal Fastening Kit

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Scotty's Premium Braided Dyneema® Downrigger Line delivers the ultimate in strength, consistency, and durability. Made from high-impact Dyneema fibers, this hassle-free Premium Braided Line does not require crimping and will not kink, fray, or rust like stainless steel wire lines frequently do. Braided downrigger line will also reduce wire hum and combat electrolysis that can damage your fishing gear. Includes Terminal Fastening Kit with 1 coastlock snap with swivel, 3 connector sleeves, and 1 soft stop bumper. Made in USA.

  • Made from Dyneema fibers
  • Ultimate in strength, consistency, and durability
  • Will not kink, fray, or rust like stainless steel line
  • Reduces wire hum and combats electrolysis
  • No crimping required
  • 250-lb. test
  • Includes Terminal Fasten