Scientific Anglers Sonar Stillwater Seamless Density S3/S5 Sinking Fly Line

Color: Dark Green/Charcoal
Length: 105'

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Reliably get your fly beyond the surface film and into the feeding zone with Scientific Anglers® Sonar Stillwater Seamless Density S3/S5 Sinking Fly Line. Designed specifically for fly fishing in still water, the Seamless Density features the popular MPX taper and is built two sizes heavier to accommodate multiple flies and long leaders. Its unique seamless technology between line sections of different density provides a smooth, unbroken connection to your fly, enabling superior control and movement. Built with a Sink 3 (inches per second) running line and a Sink 5 head, Seamless Density S3/S5 allows you to fish the middle of the water column with ultimate stealth. Textured 10' and 20' hang markers; AST slickness coating for smooth action; and a welded loop at both ends for easy rigging.

  • Designed to breach the surface film in still water
  • Features the popular MPX taper
  • Overweighted by two sizes
  • Easily handles multiple flies and long leaders
  • Seamless technology for a direct connection to your fly
  • Sink 3 running line, Sink 5 head
  • Textured 10' and 20' hang markers
  • AST slickness coating
  • Welded loop at both ends
Web ID: 100066380

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