Savage Gear Surf Walker

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Surf casters will love throwing the Savage Gear® Surf Walker. Built long and slim, this sleek replica of a sand eel slices cleanly through wind and spray, allowing you to cover more water. Its sturdy ABS body is realistically finished according to an actual 3D scan of a real sand eel, and delivers an action that's unmatched by any other pencil plug. This easy-to-work topwater bait maintains a lifelike horizontal posture as it aggressively walks the dog on a stop-n-go retrieve, or glides shoreward with an undulating S-curve motion on a steady retrieve. Features premium Owner ST46 treble hooks.

  • Long-casting topwater for surf fishing
  • Sleek, slim ABS body slices through wind ad spray
  • Realistic finish, based on a 3D scan of a real sand eel
  • Floating bait maintains a horizontal posture
  • Walks the dog, or use a steady, undulating retrieve
  • Fitted with premium Owner ST46 treble hooks
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