Sabre Red Runner Pepper Gel with Adjustable Hand Strap

Color: Black
Size: 19 g

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When you're running or hiking alone, stay safe and protect yourself from would-be assailants with the Sabre® Red Runner Pepper Gel Spray. This handy, compact, easy-to-use unit delivers up to 35 bursts of Sabre's maximum strength spray – that's 5 times more than other leading brands. It targets up to 12' away with virtually no wind blow-back for safe, effective performance. Adjustable hand strap with reflective logo makes it easy to keep this powerful protection at your fingertips. Thanks to their industry-exclusive HPLC laboratory, the Sabre Red Runner Pepper Gel Spray guarantees maximum effectiveness in every canister. Plus, it has a UV-marking dye that will help the authorities identify your attacker after they've been sprayed. Made in USA.

  • Protection for runners and other active outdoors enthusiasts
  • Sabre is the world's leading pepperspray – trusted by police and civilians alike
  • Pepper gel - longer range than standard pepper spray with virtually no blow-back
  • Powerful, lab-tested, maximum strength formulation
  • Delivers up to 35 bursts up to 12' away
  • 5 times more bursts than leading brands
  • UV-marking dye helps authorities identify your attacker
  • Adjustable hand strap with reflective logo
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