River2Sea New Jack Flippin' Hook

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This innovative double-eyed hook was designed by Bassmaster® Elite pro Ish Monroe, and it solves a problem that comes up all the time when you're flipping. The River2Sea New Jack Flippin' Hook has an upturned eye welded to the outer shank of a straight-shaft hook. It serves as the line tie for the hook; simply run your line through the inline hook eye and tie to the welded eye. This eliminates the problem of a heavy tungsten weight crashing onto the knot and damaging the line, and also provides greater leverage for hooksetting. This powerful hook is made of River2Sea's Double Strong wire and is well suited for use with heavy tackle.

  • Innovative double-eyed hook by Ish Monroe
  • Features upturned eye welded to a straight-shaft hook
  • Line runs through original eye, ties to welded eye
  • Prevents damage from sliding weights
  • Tough Double Strong wire construction
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