Ritchie Supersport SS-1002 Marine Compass

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Ritchie Supersport SS-1002 Marine Compass

Guiding you in the right direction every time out, Ritchie® Marine Compasses feature the most modern marine compass components to ensure every boating adventure is worry and trouble-free. The Supersport™ SS-1002 Marine Compass is designed for high-performing powerboats between 25 and 45 foot long and is outfitted with a large, easy-to-read 3-1/4'' Blue PowerDamp Plus Flat Card dial. These incredibly accurate dials are encased in domes made with a heavy-duty, optically clear polymer to provide clear and accurate magnification of the dial. Equipped with a bi-axis gimbal system to ensure normal operation within their environment without bottoming out due to the pitch and roll or heel of the boat, these compasses' bowls and housings are made from high-strength glass reinforced polymers. Since deviation occurs when something on board your boat draws the compass magnets away from the earth's magnetic field, all Ritchie Marine Compasses have built-in compensators. These compensators are non-interactive magnets that are balanced and optimally spaced for accurate correction. Compensation instructions are included.

  • Boat style: 25-45 feet high-performing powerboats
  • Dial size/design: 3-3/4'' (9.35 cm)/ Blue PowerDamp® Plus Flat Card
  • Night lighting: 12V green
  • Built-in compensators
  • Flush mount
  • Mounting hole: 4'' (12.07cm)
  • Heavy-duty, optically clear polymer compass dome
  • Bowls and housings are made from high-strength glass reinforced polymers
  • PowerDamp performance for smooth performance
  • Hardened Steel Pivot and Triple Cup Sapphire Jewel Movement
  • 5 year warranty
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